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The Nanoblok Editor is a web-based graphical editor using client-side SVG, HTML5, and JavaScript. A server, renderer, and game engine are also being developed to use what is produced in the editor.

It can be used to create versatile game sprite models for use in the Nanoblok Renderer inside any web browser that supports HTML5 and has a fast JS engine. The renderer will be able to perform rudimentary shading (lighting and effects), shadowing, support components, create animations, and perform programmed voxel-based deformations.

The program has a wide variety of tools to make editing voxel-based 3D sprite data in a unique and accessible manner. Selection and extrusion tools, color palettes, copy and paste block and object placement, advanced component placement tools, as well as different object view options will be available.

The Nanoblok Server is implemented in Google App Engine, which stores and serves voxel models.

Ultimately, the voxel data is saved and rendered by a graphical game library, processing lighting and animation. Shading and scripting tools for the Nanoblok Renderer will also be available through the Editor.

For a more detailed overview of the Nanoblok Project, as well as instructions for use of the editor itself, see: The Nanoblok Introduction

Check out our Open Alpha, version 0.1a: Nanoblok Editor Open Alpha

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