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A short specification on outfit models.
Updated Nov 10, 2010 by

Outfit Models

Stations in Naev are 2D images, but they're generated from 3D models. Outfit models should adhere to the following guidelines.

  • (polycount): not really important
  • (format): blender model ideally to work with afterwards (unless pure 2d design)
  • (orientation): free reign
  • (style): try to stick to similar with the rest of the family

For more info, read up on (please check the latest attached pdf).

The following is a list of currently needed outfits:

  • Laser Tree (Empire)
    • DONE: Laser Cannon MK1
    • DONE: Laser Cannon MK2
    • PARTIAL: Laser Cannon MK3 (needs shop)
    • DONE: Laser Turret MK1
    • DONE: Laser Turret MK2
    • PARTIAL: Laser Turret MK3 (needs shop)
    • PARTIAL: Heavy Laser (needs shop)
    • PARTIAL: Turbolaser (needs shop)
    • DONE: Ripper Cannon
    • TODO: Heavy Ripper Cannon
    • TODO: Laser PD MK1
    • TODO: Laser PD MK2
  • Ion Tree (House Sirius)
    • DONE: Ion Cannon
    • TODO: Heavy Ion Cannon
    • PARTIAL: Heavy Ion Turret (needs sprite)
    • TODO: Razor MK1
    • TODO: Razor MK2
    • TODO: Razor MK3
    • TODO: Razor Turret MK1
    • TODO: Razor Turret MK2
    • TODO: Razor Turret MK3
    • TODO: Shock Artillery
    • TODO: Shock Turret
    • TODO: Particle Needle
    • TODO: Purgatory
  • Kinetic Tree (House Dvaered)
    • TODO: Gauss gun
    • TODO: Vulcan Gun
    • TODO: Shredder
    • TODO: Turreted Gauss Gun
    • TODO: Turreted Vulcan Gun
    • TODO: Flak
    • TODO: Mass Driver MK1
    • TODO: Mass Driver MK2
    • TODO: Mass Driver MK3
    • DONE: Railgun
    • TODO: Repeating Railgun
    • DONE: Railgun Turret
  • Plasma Tree (House Soromid)
    • DONE: Plasma Cannon MK1
    • DONE: Plasma Cannon MK2
    • TODO: Plasma Cannon MK3
    • PARTIAL: Plasma Turret MK1 (needs shop)
    • PARTIAL: Plasma Turret MK2 (needs shop)
    • TODO: Plasma Cluster Cannon MK1
    • TODO: Plasma Cluster Cannon MK2
    • TODO: Plasma Cluster Cannon MK3
    • TODO: BioPlasma Organ Stage 1
    • TODO: BioPlasma Organ Stage 2
    • TODO: Plasma Lance
    • TODO: BioPlasma Lance
  • Beam Tree (House Za'lek)
    • TODO: Micro-beam
    • TODO: Heavy Micro-beam
    • DONE: Orion Beam
    • TODO: Perseus Beam
    • TODO: Perseus Beam Turret
    • TODO: Loki Beam Turret
    • TODO: Advanced Loki Beam Turret
    • TODO: Valkyrie Beam Turret
    • DONE: Ragnarok

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