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Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in a similar vein to Escape Velocity.

Naev is played from a top-down perspective, featuring fast-paced combat, many ships, a large variety of equipment and a large galaxy to explore. The game is highly open-ended, letting you proceed at your own pace.

Please see the Wiki for system requirements and dependencies.

We're always open to feedback and contributions, you can contact us via IRC or leave message on the forum.

For those using Ubuntu (or other Debian-derived distributions), Naev is available from PlayDeb. Naev is also available in Arch Linux, Gentoo, Fedora, and from the openSUSE Games repository.

The current stable version is 0.5.3.


Please note that the project homepage is now located at


Due to size restrictions, downloads are now being hosted at SourceForge.


Note: This is the news feed from the Naev Development Blog. You can find these posts (and more) there.

A skirmish with the Empire. Getting an afterburner.
Checking out the map. Pirate battle.

More screenshots can be found in the screenshot gallery.


Interested in helping? We're in need of:

  • Story writers / Mission creators: Would implement campaigns and missions in the Lua scripting system.
  • Modellers: Create new ship models.
  • Graphic artists: Create new HUD interfaces and general art for factions and the game itself.
  • Sound artists: Create sounds for weapons and other misc. game elements.
  • Porters: Port Naev to $YOUR_OS, details can be given at the IRC channel.
  • Testers: Every new feature brings with it potential balance and stability issues.

Of course, we'll take all the help we can get — these are just what we need most.


For contact information, see the Community page.

Our primary method of communication is IRC, accessible here. For users familiar with IRC, we can be found at #naev on Freenode.

We also have a blog, forum, and mailing list.


Naev is free, open source software, with code licensed under the GPLv3 and media under mixed licensing, consisting of public domain, GPLv2, GPLv3, CC-By (and -SA) 3.0 content.

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