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Home page for documentation on MunkiWebAdmin.
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MunkiWebAdmin is a Django web application that incorporates the functionality of the MunkiReport project and also provides the ability to browse catalogs, and browse and edit manifests of an existing Munki repo.

Components and Credits

MunkiWebAdmin was developed using the Django web framework.

It also makes use of the following projects:

The demonstration setup for OS X also makes use of django-wsgiserver, which itself makes use of the web server component of CherryPy.

Report functionality ported from Per Olofsson's MunkiReport.

Inventory code contributed back to Arjen van Bochoven's MunkiReport-PHP.

Getting the code

If you have experience with setting up Django applications, the Django project is available here:

  git clone

You can also browse the code repo here:

For a more step by step approach to setting up MunkiWebAdmin, see one of the setup guides below.

Setup Guides

User-contributed guides and documentation

Support and Discussion

Please direct discussion of MunkiWebAdmin to the munki-web-admin Google Group:


Machine report:

Manifest editor:

Machine application inventory:

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