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How to import Adobe Flash Player into your Munki rep.
Updated Jun 19, 2014 by


Starting with release 10.1 of Adobe Flash Player, and at least through the current 10.3 releases, the item at the root of the disk image is NOT an Apple package, but rather a wrapper application.

To use this with munki, open the "Install Adobe Flash Player" application bundle (control-click on the application and choose "Show Package Contents"), navigate to the Resources folder and extract the "Adobe Flash Player.pkg" from this folder. Wrap it in a disk image to use with munki.

Even better, let munkiimport do the hard work for you. Mount the disk image, then:

/usr/local/munki/munkiimport /Volumes/Flash\ Player/Install\ Adobe\ Flash\\ Flash\ Player.pkg

(You might have to alter the path if the disk image mounts under another name.)

Later releases of Flash Player made this trickier, as the promoted download was often an app that did not have an embedded package. If you signed up for a "Flash Player Distribution Agreement" with Adobe, you'd be given a URL that pointed to a download that did contain the embedded package.

Current Recommendation

Use AutoPkg.

The AdobeFlashPlayer.munki recipe finds the latest Flash Player installer, downloads it, extracts the embedded package, and imports it into your Munki repo.

Comment by, Jun 19, 2014

Adobe is of course notorious for not using standard installers. Hence the presence of this Wiki article and the scripts written by others to help resolve this. However in this case there seems to be an easier solution.

If you go to the webpage Adobe make easy to find, all you find is a stub application, this very small app when downloaded is not the installer but an application which will then download the real installer and run it. However apart from the fact this cannot be distributed and run say via ARD, apart from the fact it is useless from a Munki point of view it also does not seem to work with corporate proxy servers that require authentication. Yet another example of Adobe being stupid, stupid, stupid.

Adobe seem very schizophrenic about Flash installers as from time to time they seem to realise the error of their ways and switch back to provided as standard a real installer, currently they are definitely in a stupid phase.

I have however found the hidden webpage from which you can download a real 100% genuine Apple installer package. It is not a stub installer, it is not an Application wrapping around an installer package it is a proper installer package and hence can easily be deployed and does not need to go out to the internet to run and does not therefore get in to difficulties with proxy servers. The webpage is

You need to make sure you download the Disk Image specifically labelled as for System Administrators. The other Disk Image is ugh a stupid wrapper around a proper installer package.

They even have the version number in the Disk Image file name which makes it easier to add to a Munki repo. Unlike cough Google cough.

Comment by project member, Jun 19, 2014

Or just use autopkg.

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