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This is code derived from the Touchlib AS3 Library, slight modifications to the original library. Some code may not work with the original Touchlib build. I thought this would be a great way to share, via SVN.

Used Flash Collections:

  • Touchlib TIUO
  • Box2DFlash

Inital Apps:

  • Cyancdesign_MT.swf - dynamic loader of external movies, with navigation bar
  • Rings.swf - 5 circles placed on the stage to resize and move
  • Squeegee.swf - mask of circles enlarge based on proximity of touches
  • BlobArray.swf - simply traces array from new returnBlobs() function - empty canvas
  • BlobLines.swf - draws lines from top of screen to touchpoints in array order
  • CatsCradle.swf - draws line from touch point to touch point in array order
  • CrateTest.swf - Impliments Box2DFlash, touch stage: create circle, touch circle: move circle around and interact with other circles on stage. True multi-touch enabled, not just converting single mouse click interface.
  • googleMaps_intro.swf - Merging GoogleMap API with Touchlib - tutorial at
  • PressAndAppear.swf - Requested tutorial at, pull movie clip dynamically from library, follow same touch point and remove movie clip when touch point is removed.
  • NEW SimpleDraw.swf - Created using app/core/canvas/ as a guide, each blob draw its own random color line.
  • NEW TouchExplosion.swf - Particle Emitter on Touch Down Event.

See posted tutorials and blog posts at

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