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Issue 129: Improve test coverage
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Status:  Started

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Project Member Reported by, Feb 5, 2009 -coverage

Lack of coverage quite often means bugs (and usually trivial bugs, so
improving coverage gives good payoff for little work).

   24    75%   mpmath.__init__   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  520    85%   mpmath.calculus   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  998    88%   mpmath.elliptic   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  888    95%   mpmath.functions   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  667    96%   mpmath.gammazeta   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  306    86%   mpmath.identification  
 1028    90%   mpmath.libelefun   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  613    92%   mpmath.libhyper   (C:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  465    95%   mpmath.libmpc   (C:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  958    72%   mpmath.libmpf   (C:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  252    97%   mpmath.libmpi   (C:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  236    96%   mpmath.linalg   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  324    93%   mpmath.matrices   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  738    86%   mpmath.mptypes   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
   92    89%   mpmath.odes   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  465    81%   mpmath.optimization  
  268    83%   mpmath.quadrature   (c:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  100    79%   mpmath.settings   (C:\source\mp\trunk\mpmath\
  105     9%   mpmath.visualization  

Some modules are reported to have lower coverage than in reality because
they contain gmpy/non-gmpy-specific code. It should be easy to write some
tests that always test the non-gmpy code when in gmpy mode.

Some other code is only meant to be run interactively, but could still be
tested (e.g. for "verbose=True" code by temporarily redirecting stdout to

Also, some code reported as uncovered here is already covered by doctests.
Nevertheless, near-100% coverage by should be possible with a
little work.
Feb 5, 2009
Project Member #1
Nice work!

When did you run the doctests the last time? I suspect many of them are broken.
Feb 5, 2009
Project Member #2
A couple of days ago.

Running them now, all module tests pass. There are some failures in the .txt docs due
to the change of mpi.__repr__.
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