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This project has moved to github. You can find the new documentation here

Updated Jul 22, 2013 by

This project has moved to github. You can find the new documentation here

Comment by, Jun 17, 2010

Great work, would it be possible someday to use the jpa annotations along with the morphia ones. I guess since the names are same, it would help people a lot, but it may be a good idea to support this, so that someone can done a pilot with minimal changes to his existing classes.

Comment by project member scotthernandez, Jun 28, 2010

That could be an option; file an issue and get some votes for it, or supply a patch.

It shouldn't be too hard support, but I'm not sure about mapping between the two annotation systems.

Comment by, Jan 19, 2011

why I used mapPackage (code : morphia.mapPackage("domain");), the morphia (code: datastore.ensureIndexes();) don't create index for mongo ? (unless I use map(class))

Comment by, Dec 12, 2011

what about the performance? if I want load 1000 records and present in front end, mapping to 1000 objects will slow. In this case I prefer to load the record direct from mango and give them to front end.

Comment by, Jul 26, 2012

Datastore ds = morphia.createDatastore("testDB"); //is deprecated. The documentation here is generally ambiguous and unhelpful.

Comment by, Aug 19, 2012

How can I query hotels on a property of their address? Thx!

Comment by, May 16, 2013

ObjectId? hotelId= new ObjectId?("5194a4d1e4b0ffca8d927c93"); Use this line In : Loading a Hotel from Mongo is also simple:

Instead of String hotelId

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