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Installation instructions for mod_wsgi.
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Installation Instructions

Installation and configuration instructions for mod_wsgi are described in the following documents:

Information specific to Windows can be found in:

Details of where precompiled binaries for various Linux distributions can be found and other information specific to Linux can be found in:

Issues related to installation on MacOS X can be found in:

Issues related to installation on Solaris can be found in:

Issues related to installation on FreeBSD can be found in:

Additional details on the configuration directives in mod_wsgi and how to use them is available in the following documents:

If you have any problem with installing mod_wsgi or running your specific WSGI application on top of mod_wsgi, check out the following documents:

Documentation is also provided, or references given to other sites, for using mod_wsgi with some of the common Python web frameworks and applications:

If none of the common issues match up with the problem you are seeing and you have the need to perform more low level debugging, check out the techniques from the following documents:

You can also do some basic checking of your installation and configuration to validate that how it is setup is how you expect it to be. See the following documents.

Once you have got everything running okay, you might also check out the following documents on how to get the most out of mod_wsgi.

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