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Source Code Downloads

Source code downloads are now being done from GitHub rather than from this site. The GitHub source code repository is:

Downloadable release files can be found at:

Note that version 3.5 of mod_wsgi contains a fix for a security related issue. It is recommended that prior versions of mod_wsgi not be used. See the list of changes in the release notes for more information.

For a list of changes in all versions of mod_wsgi see:

For details on how to install from the source code see:

Windows Binary Downloads

Variations of precompiled binaries for Windows are no longer made available from this site. Precompiled binaries of mod_wsgi built by a third party, can instead be downloaded from:

For guidelines on how to install these files see:

Note that these guidelines were originally from when binaries were made available from this site, so likely will need to be adjusted based on how the third party version has been packaged.

Conference Presentations

The following presentations are also available.

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