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Issue 120: Thread local data not preserved beyond lifetime of request.
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Nov 2009

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Project Member Reported by, Dec 22, 2008
When any sub interpreter other than first, ie., anything other than %{GLOBAL}, for 
WSGIApplicationGroup, any thread local data is not preserved beyond life of a specific request.

This is because mod_wsgi internally creates a new thread state object for each request and thread 
local data is stored in the thread state object. The code should cache the thread state object and 
reuse it between requests for the same thread.

Note that at the moment, that thread local data is thrown away at end of request, may mean that 
when switch to preserving it, may highlight problems in applications which do not clean data out 
themselves. For example, memory usage may increase over time.
Mar 4, 2009
Project Member #1
Changes made in revision 1213 of mod_wsgi subversion trunk for 3.0.
Status: Started
Labels: Milestone-Release3.0
Nov 21, 2009
Project Member #2
Version 3.0 of mod_wsgi now released with this change.
Status: Fixed
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