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Issue 247: HtmlElement::AttributeValue returns NULL ambiguity
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  May 2011

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Project Member Reported by, Mar 21, 2011
HtmlElement::AttributeValue("foo") returns NULL if either:
* no attribute "foo" exists or
* attribute foo has no value.

  // Look up attribute value by name.  NULL if no attribute exists.
  // Use this only if you don't intend to change the attribute value;
  // if you might change the attribute value, use FindAttribute instead
  // (this avoids a double lookup).
  const char* AttributeValue(HtmlName::Keyword name) const {
    const Attribute* attribute = FindAttribute(name);
    if (attribute != NULL) {
      return attribute->value();
    return NULL;

Code only documents no attribute case, so we should update that and make sure that we aren't depending upon the NULL meaning no attribute.
May 25, 2011
Project Member #1
Documented both reasons to return NULL. Checked through call-sites and added tests in r721.
Status: Fixed
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