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Project Information

This project is a free initiative to create Arduino library for MMA7361 3-axis accelerometer by Freescale Semiconductor. The main goal is to provide a driver that simplifies the usage of this particular accelerometer in Arduino projects.


  1. Download the source
  2. Place the AcceleroMMA7361 folder in your Arduino1.0+ "libraries" folder
  3. Open example sketch: "file", "Examples", "AcceleroMMA7361", "G_Force" (or "Voltage" or "Rawdata")
  4. Connect the analog sensor to port A0,A1,A2 (and connect Vcc, GND, sleepPin, gSelectPin, Aref (if needed))
  5. Compile & upload code
  6. XYZ Sensor data should be arriving over the serial port


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