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What is miniBAE?

The platform-neutral Beatnik Audio Engine, Mini Edition (miniBAE) is an exceptionally mature, well-rounded, and reliable computer music and sound system specially customized for small-footprint and embedded applications.

miniBAE is...


It can play several leading industry-standard music and audio file formats from disk or from memory.


You can pause and resume any media playback at will, change pitch while a sound is playing, etc.The feature-rich miniBAE API is full of opportunities for innovative integration of sound design into interactive virtual worlds– for example, miniBAE includes a MIDI synthesizer that your application – or user – can play in real-time.


The audio engine DSP quality is very good, comparable to high-end PC wavetable sound cards even though the processing is entirely software-based, and audio quality is selectable all the way from 8-bit 8 kHz up to 16-bit 44.1 kHz.

Powerful and Extensible

The miniBAE music synthesizer is a high-quality wavetable instrument with LFOs, ADSRs, and filters. It can be delivered with a complete General MIDI patch bank, or for small footprints a ‘light’ General MIDI approximation can be used. Custom instrument banks can be built with the Beatnik Editor application.


Despite miniBAE’s power, the per-voice processor load is impressively low.

Hardware Independent – Sound Card-Agnostic

Some other sound systems require consumers to buy expensive (and quickly out- dated) hardware sound cards – but miniBAE avoids nearly all sound card support issues because it’s 100% software. miniBAE requires no particular sound hardware in the host system, only an audio output.

Consistent Across Platforms

Because it’s a software-only solution, consistently great-sounding music is much easier to achieve with miniBAE than with many other computer music systems.

An Inexpensive Cross-Platform Audio Solution

miniBAE provides the same music and sound capabilities on every supported plat- form, so porting music and sound content is a no-brainer, requiring literally no additional sound artist work – simply re-use the files.

Source is now hosted on


Everyone on this list made a contribution in some important way. Its amazing to me that two scruffy guys working in our house created something that went around the world and in lots of peoples pockets.

Thank you all.

Steve Hales -

Steve Hales - Halestorm/Igor Labs/Beatnik/Danger
Jim Nitchals - Halestorm/Igor Labs/Beatnik
Chris Muir - Beatnik
Chris van Rensburg - Beatnik
Christopher Schardt - Beatnik
Mark Deggeller - Beatnik
Doug Scott - Beatnik/Danger
Andrew Ezekiel Rostaing - Beatnik
Chris Grigg - Beatnik
Sean Echevarria - Beatnik
Kara Kytle - Sun Microsystems - Javasoft
Chris Rogers - Beatnik
Jarrell Irvin - Danger
Ian MacDonald - Sapien Technologies

Business Development
Don Millers - Beatnik
Gavin Bourne - Beatnik
Thomas Dolby - Headspace/Beatnik
Mary Coller Albert - Headspace/Beatnik
John Eckstein - Beatnik
Dane Bigham - Presage Software
Steve Hales - Halestorm/Igor Labs/Beatnik/Danger
Jim Nitchals - Halestorm/Igor Labs/Beatnik
Brian Hales - Halestorm
Brett Durrett - Halestorm
Joe Britt - WebTV/Danger
Andy Rubin - WebTV/Danger
David Rivas - Sun Microsystems - Javasoft
Bruce Leak - Apple/General Magic/WebTV
Phil Goldman - Apple/WebTV
Kari Johnson - Beatnik
Matti Hamalainen - Nokia
Jukka Holm - Nokia
Jacek Horos - Nokia
Mickey Mantle - Brøderbund Software
Doug Carlston - Brøderbund Software
Will Wright - Maxis Software/EA
Ken Grant - Pixellite Software
Paul Lamoreux - Sapien Technologies
Ferdinand Rios - Sapien Technologies

Sound Design, Music Design
Thomas Dolby - Headspace/Beatnik
Brian Salter - Presage Software/Beatnik
Michael Pukish - Presage Software
Kim Cascone - Beatnik
Blake Leah - Beatnik
Chris van Rensburg - Beatnik
Steven Clark - Beatnik
Thomas Dimuzio - Beatnik
Tom Rettig - Brøderbund Software
Chris Perry - Halestorm
Sal Orlando - Beatnik
Peter Drescher - Halestorm

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