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Updated Jun 1, 2010 by

Now Playing currently down due to request from a data provider

No ETA on when we'll be back up, but i'm hoping soon.

Now Playing won the best iPhone App of 2008 award in its category!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

If anyone would like to help localize this app for foreign languages, let me know. Also, if you are interested in seeing this available outside the US and you are aware of a webservice that provides the appropriate theater/movie data for your country, i'd be happy to add support. Just drop me a line.

The line at the movies starts and ends in your pocket.

With iPhone and Now Playing, you can read reviews, locate theaters and show times, even purchase tickets.

Now Playing allows you to:

  • browse local theaters by movies, show times, and distance
  • check rating and reviews from RottenTomatoes and Metacritic
  • order tickets directly from participating theaters
  • play trailers with a single click
  • check out what's playing at your favorite theater
  • find information on movies that are coming soon
  • keep movie and theater information on your iPhone, even without a network connection

Download Now Playing today from the iPhone app store.

For help/suggestions email me:

Now Playing was previously BoxOffice

Comment by, Feb 3, 2009

Fantastic app! I'm addicted to my Netflix profiles. Is it possible to log onto my other profiles/queues?

Comment by, Feb 10, 2009

is there anyway u can get the blockbuster users the same features as the netflix users?

Comment by project member, Feb 24, 2009

"it´s because the new update requires iphone 2.2.1 software update... what for?! totally uncalled for.."

Uh. It's required because i'm using portions of the api in 2.2.1.

Comment by, Feb 28, 2009

Ditto for New Zealand support. has New Zealand movie times. I would love you forever if you could implement this.

Comment by, Feb 28, 2009

Awesome, thanks :)

Comment by, Mar 11, 2009

I really preferred the red ticket icon. is there a way you can please everyone, like two versions in the app store? one for the red ticket icon, the "classic look", and one for those other people?

Comment by project member, Mar 11, 2009

Unfortunately no. Sorry!

Comment by project member, Mar 15, 2009

Jason, i'm sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, it is the favorite by far.


Comment by project member, Mar 16, 2009

HI Fernando,

My app makes use of fixes in 2.2.1 and has several features which become broken in 2.2. You can upgrade to 2.2.1 by plugging your iPhone into your computer and clicking on the 'upgrade' button in iTunes.


Comment by, Mar 19, 2009

Could u make it to where we can choose which icon is displayed? That would be awesome and ppl would quit bitchin haha!

Comment by project member, Mar 19, 2009

Hey DJ, as mentioned above, i cannot provide that capability due to restrictions that apple has with 3rd party apps. Sorry!

Comment by, Mar 20, 2009

Hello, and thanks for a really well-written app -- the best movie app, so far! Now a couple of comments:

The primary feature I'm missing is the ability to look up the Tomatometer score for non-current movies. You already have the search field -- but it only seems to work for current movies. Why?

The icon.... Although I prefer the red one, I understand the intent of the new one -- but in my opinion there are problems: First, it looks "unfinished." The flat, gray center section looks completely out-of-place against the rest of the icon, which is colored and slightly three-dimensional.

Secondly, with all due respect (really!), this icon is trying to convey too many things. We get that it's a film strip, but then it's also displaying the primary colors of light. But then it also has a triangular playback button -- within another, circular button. There's simply too much going on. :-) Also, the magenta simply reads as "hot pink." And as silly as it sounds, I can't help having a reaction to that particular color.

Similarly, when the app is launched, the flat, gray splash screen with "crosshairs" (?) looks unfinished and out-of-place in an otherwise very colorful app, and the purpose of the "crosshairs" is unclear in the context of movies.

Again, congrats on a great app! Just wanted to share my thoughts....

Comment by, Mar 28, 2009

This might sound like a strange request but would there be any way to add a button that allows you to add a movie to the calendar app

Comment by project member, Mar 28, 2009

Sorry MBrew, apple exposes no way to access the calendar on the iPhone.

Comment by, Mar 28, 2009

ok thanks

Comment by, Mar 28, 2009

Hi, without trying to sound too impatient; do you have an estimated date that New Zealand support could be released? Cheers for the great app so far.

Comment by project member, Mar 28, 2009

Hopefully mid year.

Comment by, Mar 30, 2009

Big thumbs up for the stability improvements in v3.5 vs. v3.4. Can you disclose any plans for the app made possible due to the improvements in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS?

Comment by project member, Mar 30, 2009

Sure. I've already made my code 3.0 compliant. There will be some visible changes (like being able to compose messages inside the app instead of needing to launch the external There will also be a lot of internal changes. I'm adopting a bunch of the new 3.0 apis. That makes my code a lot smaller (less stuff for me to write), and it also helps speed things up a bunch.


Comment by, Apr 6, 2009

Hi, I´m form Spain, and cheers for the great app, but...

I can´t find two cinemas in my city, and we only have four of them. I think the app must control all the cinemas in capital cities, the most important, and almost in another secondary citie, but is important the app could find the cinemas in a city... If only find two of them when we have four... At least, could be great to edit the new cinemas online in order the program could find them... Thanks a lot...

Comment by project member, Apr 6, 2009

Hey there, what theaters would you like to see?

Comment by, Apr 6, 2009

Just wanted to thank you so much for the 3.6 update.

I can't imagine this app functioning or looking much better. My wife and I use it constantly.

Can't wait to see what you do with 3.0.

Billy Miller, faithful user since version 1. Olathe, KS

Comment by, Apr 19, 2009

My rotten luck that none of the three theaters I usually go to have online ticket ordering via NowPlaying. This is the only missing feature that keeps me from deleting the Flixster from my iPhone and relying solely on NowPlaying. I'm curious what ticketing system you use vs that application, which seems to work for any theater I try. I'm willing to lobby my local theater managers/corporate to add the service you're using if that's the issue, though a more widely accepted service, or options might be a nice feature to add.

Thanks for the fantastic app. The Netflix features have allowed me to delete an Netflix only app from my very crowded springboard.

Comment by project member, Apr 19, 2009

I use Fandango for ticketing. I'd like to add MovieTickets?.com. However, they will only give me access if i remove Fandango support.

Comment by, Apr 27, 2009

WIth the update to iphone 3.0 betas 2 and 3, Now Playing will no longer even launch. After I attempt to open and the loading screen appears for a few seconds, I just get dumped right back to the homepage. To try and clean up everything and start from scratch, I have even gone as far as doing a complete reset/erase of the iphone, then done a fresh restore. I have uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled, but it doesnt seem to change anything for me. No luck so far, but if anyone figures out anything to get to work on 3.0, please share as I miss this application!

Comment by project member, Apr 27, 2009

This is a known bug with teh iPhone OS. I submitted a workaround to apple several weeks ago. Hopefully they will release it soon.

Comment by, Apr 28, 2009

thanks for the great free app. i use it all the time. lately though, i've been having problems lately with the app not updating showtimes. showtimes are a up to a week old and just won't update. (version 3.6)

Comment by project member, Apr 28, 2009

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling NowPlaying?

Comment by zoomzoom83, May 13, 2009

I've just updated to the latest version, and all the good cinemas in my area have been removed from the listing.(in the Brisbane, Australia area)

In particular, the Balmoral, Hawthorne, and Southbank cinemas are no longer listed- these are the only cinemas anyone in this city really goes to. ]

Is it possible to put them back in?

Comment by project member, May 13, 2009

Zoomzoom, please use the 'send feedback' button in the app to contact me. it will contain information i need.


Comment by, May 19, 2009

Hello there. Here in Spain we have the same problem than zoomzoom in Brisbane. Since last upgrading several (most of them) theaters have "disappeared". It's a pity because before the upgrade it run perfect. I've already submited this problem from the app store (in spanish, nick perletico). And I've readed a lot of complains by spanish people talking about the same problem... And your valuation there is dramatically decreasing. Thank you for this wonderful app. I'm sure you'll solve these mistakes

Comment by project member, May 19, 2009

Albert, please use the 'send feedback' button in the app to contact me. it will contain information i need.


Comment by, May 27, 2009

I live in Quebec, Canada. When I tap on the french title of a movie I got the Schedule of the french version. Is it possible to get the movie synopsis in French too as in "".

Thank you for your excellent work

Comment by project member, May 30, 2009

yes. localized synopsis are coming in in 3.7. Cheers!

Comment by, Jul 18, 2009

Hi there, I love this app, but i have a problem with the ratings: If I choose metacritic, no ratings at all show up, at rottentomatoes there are some, but most of the films have no ratings (for example coraline, duplicity). Also, i didn't find out how to get to the reviews, if i tap a movie, i get the overview and a rottentomatoes-button at the bottom which links to the rt-website. How can I show the reviews inside the app? I'm from Switzerland, using iPhone 3GS.

Comment by project member, Jul 18, 2009

For Foreign countries i recommend that your reviews provider be set to 'Google'.


Comment by userfriendly, Jul 20, 2009

Hi there, Cyrus. Really like your app, and have been using it from the start. In my efforts to confidently settle on just one that does it all for me, I started experimenting and comparing how each handles ticket purchases. Unfortunately, at least here in Los Angeles (90036,) Now Playing seems to be the weakest of the bunch.

For starters, nearly every single theater reports "No Online Ticketing." The only two I see anything for, AMC Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15 and AMC CityWalk?? Stadium 19 (the two nearest theaters listed as available for ticket purchasing at don't work properly. For starters, it seems like I only can click movie times that are more than 12 hours off (the earlier times report "No Online Ticketing" even though I know these showings are not sold out.) Worse, when I tap a movie time that's 12 hours later, to try and experiment/purchase a ticket, it takes me to a Fandango page that says "Invalid showtime or movie id."

Essentially, movie ticket purchasing isn't working at all, here in the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles.

I'm checking out how other apps handle this... a newcomer "Movies Now!" works with, has an interesting look, and a native UI to buy tickets (it doesn't merely take you to a webpage,) but the app seems to be lacking in other areas.

Read your note about how MovieTickets??.com and will only give you access if you remove Fandango support. That's really quite unfortunate. (Is that for purchasing with native UI, via some API, or is that even any kind of linking to their page? You'd think they'd be happy for any kind of purchases, sheesh.) That said, at least here in L.A., if I was forced to choose between and fandango, I'm afraid I'd have to choose It simply supports many more theaters.

Both Flixster and Moviefone work with two of my favorite of my favorite theaters, by way of they just shuttle you off to the relevant mobile page: I wouldn't mind if NowPlaying merely linked users directly to that page, as that's certainly better than not working at all. And since Fandango doesn't seem to work (at least for me,) any solution here is welcome.

Thanks for the great work and consideration.

Comment by project member, Jul 20, 2009

Hey Userfriendly. I'll see if i can figure out why fandango purchasing isn't working for you.

I haven't received any reports yet of problems with ticketing. So this may just be an issue with those theaters.


Comment by, Aug 16, 2009

Hi...I'm also very happy with program. For some reason, in my neck of the woods, the theaters are not showing up. Can you think of a reason for this? I'm having to keep flixter available too because it can access my theaters. The area code is 83440. I use your program for everything else and for the netflix access as well.

Thanks! Gregg

Comment by project member, Aug 16, 2009

Could you try an alternate location or postal code?


Comment by, Aug 23, 2009

with all due respect.In loved this app until In updated to 2.2. Now it is useless because it is not backwards compatible and the new one requires 3.0 firmware.

Comment by, Aug 23, 2009

I forgot to mention how disappointed I am. why would you not make it backwards compatible.

Comment by project member, Aug 23, 2009


I don't know what you're talking about. I never made NowPlaying stop working. You can still use your copy and I will support it for a very long time.

That said, I did add some 3.0 specific features (like viewing maps directly in the app). These capabilities require iPhone OS 3.0 because of Apple. So my choices were to not improve my app in these ways, or to add the features that people were asking for, but limit to the 3.0 OS.

I'm not sure why you're dissapointed. NowPlaying is still supported and you will continue getting theater and movie updates for the foreseeable future.

If you have any further comments, please email me at


Comment by, Aug 23, 2009

I am emailing you more info plus my screenshot for you to see

Comment by, Aug 25, 2009

Hi Cyrus,

i absolutely love the app, however two features would be really awesome: a localized "upcoming" list and a localized "dvd" list. I'm from Austria and while all theaters work excellently here, upcoming and DVDs however always show the american lists.

Best wishes and regards peter

Comment by, Sep 3, 2009

Hey Cyrus,

Fellow iPhone dev here. This is one of the sweetest apps I own. I am very impressed with the depth of the app as well as it's excellent UI design. You have done an excellent job and should be very proud. Looking forward to seeing this on the much-rumoured tablet (which I'm sure will be running Cocoa Touch).

Just like everyone else I have a new feature request. Don't you love them? :-)

Blu-ray users are currently very concerned about the quality of Blu-ray releases, and there are sites like that supply these ratings. Alas, I can't see any indication that High-Def Digest has an API you can use or anything. But if you've heard of one, it would be a great (and hopefully not too difficult to add) new feature.

Thanks, Reid

Comment by, Sep 12, 2009


I saw this app mentioned on Does that mean you have source code available for download somewhere?

thanks, Sunil

Comment by project member, Sep 12, 2009

Hi Sunil, The source is available by clicking on the 'Source' tab above.

Comment by, Oct 1, 2009

Your app says Shutter Island (the new Scorsese movie) comes out on Oct 2, 2009, but IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes say February 19, 2010. What gives? If your app is wrong, can we get more accurate release dates somehow? :)

Comment by project member, Oct 1, 2009

The data comes from the movie studios. Sometimes they're inaccurate. Sorry!

Comment by, Oct 14, 2009

Hi Cyrus.. Since the recent update, my theatres are no longer showing the current movie times.. (shows from a few days ago). The ones which show today's current date only show 1 or 2 movies...

Any ideas? Thanks! And great application.. one of my all time favs!

Comment by project member, Oct 14, 2009

Which theaters? Thanks!

Comment by, Oct 14, 2009

They're all theatres in the 08873 area code. Main one in particular is AMC Loews New Brunswick 18.. Thanks for the quick reply~!

Comment by project member, Oct 14, 2009

Thanks for letting me know. I'll take care of it!

Comment by, Oct 15, 2009

Cyrus, I just un-installed, rebooted, and re-installed the app on my iPhone. All the theatres which were not updating movies and times no longer show up on my theatre list (argh!) and the ones which show up indicate that the movie times were updated today, but only show 1 or 2 movies (argh x 2!)..

Let me know if you need me to send anymore info..! thanks!

Comment by project member, Oct 17, 2009

What's your postal code James?

Comment by, Oct 17, 2009

same here, with l4b postal code.

Comment by, Oct 29, 2009

Please provide more data. What version of the iPhone OS do you have, what location did you enter? Does this happen after an uninstall/reinstall? Have you rebooted your phone? thanks.

Comment by, Oct 29, 2009

Now Playing is not supported on iPhone OS 3.0.1. I'm not sure why you were even able to install on that OS as iTunes should have prevented you. Please install iPhone OS 3.1 to get things working.

Comment by project member, Oct 31, 2009

iPhone OS 3.1 fixed several movie playback bugs that were causing crashes for people.

Comment by, Nov 1, 2009

Loving the app, except there's no ticketing system available where I live (Stavanger, Norway). I don't know if this is something you can implement, but it'd be cool if you did.

A couple of bugs: when I start up the application, there seems to be a dialog box "behind" the interface if you know what I mean. I see it briefly when I go into the preferences, and the panel flips over. Also, when I start playing a trailer, it seems to be playing behind the interface panel, with no way of bringing it to the front.

Comment by, Nov 2, 2009

I'm also running iPhone OS 3.0.1 (US, non-jailbroken) and the App Store also let me upgrade to Now Playing 3.11 as well. The US App Store still shows OS 3.0 as the requirement.

I respect that you moved to 3.1 for sound reasons, I hope you can file a bug with the App Store so they respect your app requirements. FWIW I have other apps which also moved to 3.1 and the update process worked correctly there (i.e. it did not install a non-compatible version of the app on my phone).

Comment by, Nov 5, 2009

Very kind of you. I had replaced the app already for a local movie-app but I will reinstall it. The update will then show up when it is approved. Thanks!

Comment by, Nov 6, 2009

Hello again Cyrus.

I've just updated my NowPlaying to 3.12 (I'm still on US iPhone OS 3.0.1, non-jailbroken). It works great with OS 3.0.1 and is notably snappier than the previous NowPlaying version that was compatible with OS 3.0. Thank you very much for updating the app to work on the 3.0 firmware. It is VERY MUCH appreciated. I wouldn't be surprised if NowPlaying were the most well supported free app (or any app, for that matter) out there. Great work, man!

Comment by project member, Nov 6, 2009


Comment by, Nov 23, 2009

Hello Cyrus,

I found your apps very useful, I use it at least 4 or 5 times per week! I find it lack only one feature, to be the "perfect" apps for me :-)

Do you think it would be possible to have a new tab to show the movies per hours? Instead of by title, or be theatre.


It is 7:00 pm, I want to see a movie, but I don't know which one, so I look at the apps, and it gives me all the movie starting at 7:00 pm -> end of the night.

That way I don't have to browse all movies in order to find which one is playing tonight! I will just have them in front of me!

What do you think about this idea? It would be a killer option for me :-)

Nevertheless, great work! Keep it up!

Kind regards, Alessandro

Comment by, Nov 23, 2009

I'm not sure why, the 3.13 version keep on prompting me for update even I already updated it.. at the end i choose to delete this app until the problem is resolve. Don't know is it just me or it's the version problem

Comment by project member, Nov 23, 2009

It's a problem with Apple. It generally goes away very soon. There is no reason to stop using NowPlaying or to delete it Patrick.

Comment by, Nov 23, 2009

I see, i'm about to post again coz i having same problem when updating it in itunes. :) i guess i will reinstall it.. it's actually a good app. cheers

Comment by, Nov 23, 2009

oh ya, is it possible to send the show times via sms rather than email? coz not all my friends use high end phone. :/

Comment by project member, Nov 23, 2009

Nope. Apple doesn't expose the sms/mms system. All that's available is email. Sorry!

Comment by, Dec 21, 2009

just wanted to say thanks for a great app!

Comment by, Dec 22, 2009

This is absolutely one of the best apps in my collection of over 120 and one I use at least twice a week. You are dedicated to your product and should be given accolades for delivering such an excellent, elegant and useful tool. I have but one small nit-picky complaint which deals with language. Your title, NOW PLAYING, is inaccurate from the viewpoint of films. Films are shown. Live theater is played. Technically your title should be NOW SHOWING. Since my occupation involves live theater, film, and publications, this is a particularly irksome example of the general decay of language in our society. A tiny flaw in what is an otherwise practically perfect product. Thank you for your superb work!

Comment by, Dec 25, 2009

Downloaded 3.14 and now cannot add to Netflix. Tried remving and reentering my Netflix account but still no options to add to Netflix queue. No problem with Flixster. So what can I do to fix this? Thanks.

Comment by project member, Dec 25, 2009

Yup. I accidentally broke it in my last update. I gave Apple the update for it about 5 weeks ago and asked them not to release the latest version. But they ignored me. Sorry about that!

Comment by, Dec 26, 2009

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I eagerly await the update. Cheers..

Comment by, Dec 29, 2009

Indonesia is home to the world's best cinema—confirmed by hollywood movie execs, it's also the biggest market for movie culture in the asia-pacific region, it'll be awesome to have Now Showing—I mean now playing (:p) works there!

Comment by, Jan 5, 2010

Hello Cyrus,

Does this app works with cinemas in Malaysia? if yes, does it have booking function too?

Comment by, Jan 5, 2010

Yes. malaysia is supported. Would you be interested in helping me translate into malaysian?

Comment by, Jan 6, 2010

though i'm a Malaysian but i'm not 100% fluent in Malay language.. but i could give it a try.. how do i translated it?

Comment by, Jan 21, 2010

On your app is says that the movie info is provided by Trynt, I tried to find some information about them for a project I am working on where I need to pull in movie info but can't seem to find anything about them online?

Comment by, Feb 12, 2010

Would be useful if we could email a note about a movie to a friend, from the movie page, via a button that says something like "Email This" or something

Comment by, Feb 19, 2010

the one and only thing I think its lacking is an offline downloader. Why? because some of us have ipod, or have cutoffs in service. If they could be downloaded to the ipod/iphone we could have listings even when network is off, or download only once a week or so automatically and not use our data plans

Comment by project member, Feb 19, 2010

I'm not ure what you mean mgjscdhl. All data is cached locally on the device (except for movie trailers). So you can always browse while offline.


-- Cyrus
Comment by, Apr 7, 2010


Does this application works in Philippines?

Comment by, Apr 10, 2010

Just to say thank you--one of the best, cleanest apps out there! Ironic about the icon dust-up--I loved the original.

Comment by, Apr 11, 2010

I don't have an iPad (and am in no hurry to get one since my iPhone and netbook are still so new) but I did notice you saying you were having trouble testing for an iPad on Now Playing. Your app is one of my faves and I'm thrilled it's still free--do you have a paypal account or anything? Maybe we can all chip in a few bucks so you can get yourself one.

You've earned it!

Comment by, Apr 15, 2010

Hey Cyrus, first of all: GREAT APP!! I have it in my 1st page of the iphone, and I have 11 pages full of apps. Do you know why updates for my country (Argentina) have stopped working? Last update is from 4/13. Also, if you need help translating the app to Spanish, let me know....

Comment by project member, Apr 15, 2010

Not sure what's up. But i'll get with my data provider. Thanks!

Comment by, Apr 26, 2010

Hello, and thank you for this marvelous app. I've been using it for quite a while and it's great.

One little thing has been bugging me a little lately. I live in Montreal, Quebec. Here, we got french and english theaters, And for a while every movie descriptions were in the right language. If it was playing in english, we had the english description. But in the last few weeks, almost all description are in french only, even if the movie is the original english movie. That has theses consequences:

- we loose the meters (rotten or google) - in some theaters, both verions can be scheduled (english &french) so no more way to differenciate the two schedules

is there anything that can be done to get things back to normal?

On another topic, my city seems to not have any theaters doing buisness with Fandago. Is there any news/future projects with Odeon or movietickets?

Thanks in advance,

Comment by, May 5, 2010

Why is the upcoming section so badly out of date? Some movies have the wrong dates, and many entries are missing. The ones that are theredont have ratings info or other details applied. I saw that you replied to a similar question above that the studios provide the release dates, but surely they update them. Those updates don't seem to come across.

There are also no movies listed beyond July-ish timeframe, it shows Beastly and nothing beyond. I hve tried changing zip codes to many major cities in the US ( NY, Seattle, etc) with no change.

Comment by, May 6, 2010

I have no upcoming data. I've tried forcing refresh and disabling upcoming then enabling.

Comment by project member, May 6, 2010

Hi tcoriell,

It's fixed in the next release. Cheers!

Comment by, May 19, 2010

G'day, Great app, but my trailers won't play anymore? When I click on trailer it just shuts down the app and goes back to the iphone home screen. I have updated to the latest 3.21, and use the latest iphone 3Gs. Any ideas? Jason

Comment by project member, May 19, 2010

This is fixed in 3.22 Jason. Cheers!

Comment by, May 20, 2010

Trailers still crashing here When will 3.22 be available?

Comment by, Jun 1, 2010

I can't find this app in the app store or anything. Is it still active? Is it under another name?

Comment by, Jun 3, 2010

"Now Playing currently down due to request from a data provider"

What is the problem, I use this app extensively and really do need it to work.

Comment by, Jun 3, 2010

If I was to guess it's because there are two apps with almost the same name ... maybe Cyrus is going to change the name of Now Playing? It really does need the name "Movies" in it ... maybe "Movies Playing"?

Comment by, Jun 4, 2010

Hi, my iPhone lost all it's apps during a firmware upgrade. Very disappointed that I can't get Now Playing/Admit one since it has been pulled. I used this app all the time- love watching trailers, checking upcoming movies and what's on at local cinemas. Also reviews by rotten tomatoes were very helpful. Beats the crap out of pocket cinema - let us know when it comes back. I would even be prepared to fork out $1.19 for it( but can't since it's free!), one of my top 5 free apps for sure. Come on Apple, it is crazy bad to pull an app of this quality. Would like to see Stoneloops back as well.

Comment by, Jun 4, 2010

Hope it will come back soon

Comment by, Jun 4, 2010

Any help needed here to get it back up .? Like lots of emails to app store ? What's the scoop - we are having to use the old fashioned thing called a newspaper :( so 90's and such a waste of trees Hurry back we miss you

Comment by, Jun 5, 2010

yeah. whats up? what can we do to help?

Comment by, Jun 5, 2010

When will there be a IPad app of Now playing?

Comment by, Jun 5, 2010

Guys I am at a loss without this app :)! No, seriously, what's the problem? it was working like a charm! Hope it comes back online soon!

Comment by, Jun 5, 2010

"When will there be a IPad app of Now playing?"

There already is, but due to whatever server problem they are having, it won't be working anytime soon! (well hopefully soon!)

Love the app! -rudy

Comment by, Jun 6, 2010

bummer.. i actually hardly ever use it but when I did today, missed it enough that I went searching and found this page. hope it gets worked out soon. in the meantime it's gone from the app store too :(

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Your app is the best movie app. Thanks for all your hard work. I would also pay 1.19 for it or at least put up with ads ! Hope you get it fixed soon.

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Any update when the app might start working again Cyrus. I've had the app for years and love it.

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Now Playing is hands down the best movie times app there is, and one of the most used apps on my phone. I love it. Really appreciate all of the effort you've put into it over the years and I hope things are resolved soon. Keep up the great work.

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Gah! Looking for a temporary replacement for Now Playing just reinforces my belief that this is the best movie and netflix app out there! Nothing else has such a clean, uncluttered interface. Other apps don't offer such a clear, effective path from finding a movie to watch and either buying a ticket or adding to my netflix queue.

Get well soon, Now Playing! ;)

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

As a developer of an app that we had to pull due to threat of legal action (thanks, Hasbro), I totally feel for you, Cyrus. That said, I finding my movie planning much harder without this app!!!

Comment by, Jun 8, 2010

I really have no interest in getting any other app for movie info. Now Playing is the best app out there for this. Please re-enable updating as soon as you are able. THANKS for a great app!!!!

Comment by, Jun 9, 2010

I enjoyed using this app very much. Using Movies Now! until it comes back. Hopefully Cyrus will find the time to fix it soon.

Comment by, Jun 9, 2010

Anything we can do to help with the data provider problem? I'd gladly send an email or even pay a buck or two if need be.

Comment by, Jun 9, 2010

missing updates on this app... best UX app for the purpose. hope it comes back. can you shed any light on who is being finicky with their data?

Comment by, Jun 10, 2010

This app is way up above the other movie time apps! Bring back the updates! Anythhing we can help with?

Comment by, Jun 10, 2010

still down?? its been a week. bout to delete and find something that actually works. Too bad cause i've been rocking this app for almost 2 years.

Comment by, Jun 10, 2010

I'm yet another fan wondering when Now Playing will be back. Best. Movie. App. Ever.

Comment by, Jun 11, 2010

Cyrus! This is the best movie app yet, please do what ever you can to bring it back. Flixster is so obnoxious. I've been rockin now playing for a good year now, showing it off to every person I can. Is there any one we can bulk email to help? Best, db

Comment by, Jun 11, 2010

Cyrus! This is the best movie app yet, please do what ever you can to bring it back. Flixster is so obnoxious. I've been rockin now playing for a good year now, showing it off to every person I can. Is there any one we can bulk email to help? Best, db

Comment by, Jun 11, 2010

Cyrus! This is the best movie app yet, please do what ever you can to bring it back. Flixster is so obnoxious. I've been rockin now playing for a good year now, showing it off to every person I can. Is there any one we can bulk email to help? Best, db

Comment by, Jun 11, 2010

I'll throw in another "please get this back up!" comment... it's by far the best movie app I've used.

Comment by, Jun 11, 2010

Hello from Japan! Your application is by far the best, and there is nothing that can take its place! I really thank you, and do hope it will come back soon!

Comment by project member, Jun 11, 2010

Thanks guys. I'm still working on it. We may have to switch to being ad supported.

Comment by, Jun 11, 2010

Ad supported is fine! I miss your app and having ads wouldn't bother me a bit! Your app is way too cool to let that bother me!!

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

Hello I'm from Japan. I want to use your application. Please Come Back!!

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

This is the best app for displaying movies, Netflix and review. Hope you Now Playing comes back soon!

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

I too am really missing this app - I have tried all the others and find this is still the best - particularly for an ipod touch user as it stores the day's data which none of the others seem to do. I too would be happy for ad supported or paid if I get it back (as long as the ads don't make it unworkable).

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

Could you make an ad supported and a paid one? I for one use it all the time and would pay up to 10 bucks. I am sure you have other that would too.

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

Hi, I would tIe ad-supported, or I would happily pay money for this quality app. Now Playing is the best movies app, hands-down. I have spent hours browsing on this app... Amazing! Can't say the same for Fandango or Yahoo movies. Please come back to us!

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

I just had to replace this app with the Fandango app since it doesn't update movie times anymore. It's sad. This is easily one of the top iPhone apps. I'd take a paid version or ad supported. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to imagine people buying DVDs or iTunes movies via an affiliate link through this app...

Comment by, Jun 12, 2010

Please get this back up soon with the trailers working on iPhone! This is the only movie app I need or use (ok, other than imdb, but that's more for info/relationships/old movies). If it has anything to do with right now, this is all I use: theatres, netflix, DVDs. I haven't updated since you said the iPhone can't play trailers, so please bring it back. Also, can you set up an email notification list to let all your loyal customers know when it'll be back?

Comment by, Jun 13, 2010

Great app Cyrus. I think that anyone here that loves it would be willing to pay for it, I know I would. Hope it all works out soon,

Comment by, Jun 13, 2010

I also would handle ad supported or pay a couple bucks for this app! It's so much better than any other app!. The "sort by release date" option rocks my socks off!

Comment by, Jun 13, 2010

Bring it back! Like others, in would gladly pay a few bucks for this app. Ad support is fine also!

Comment by, Jun 13, 2010

This is by far the best movie app on the iphone and like everyone else, I would pay to get it.

Comment by, Jun 13, 2010

I'd pay too!

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

count me in - I'd pay, too!

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

I'd pay as well! I would even pay a bit more than the standard minimum :)

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

Count me in -- I'd pay for this app easily. An ad-supported version would be fine for those who like "free" but I'd rather pay for an add-free version.

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

I miss Now Playing! Any updates?

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

Been my default program on the iPhone for several years, and the iPad also. Now it's not working. Am using Flixster, but don't like it as well. Hope you can get it back soon.

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

Ditto to all of the above: am inconsolable without the app! would happily pay for it! I've downloaded every other movie showtimes app and hate them all.

Comment by, Jun 15, 2010

Another one here that would pay for the app. Tried other apps as well and dislike all of them. There ui is much worse.

Comment by, Jun 15, 2010

Nothing else comes close. Looking forward to your return.

Comment by, Jun 16, 2010

I'd also happily pay for the app (and prefer that over an ad-supported version). But either way, I'd just be glad to have it up and running again. Thanks for all the hard work. It's definitely the best movie showtimes app.

Comment by, Jun 16, 2010

This is one of the best programs on the iPad. Please bring this back!!!

Comment by project member, Jun 16, 2010

Thanks guys. Still working on it. I have high hopes.

Comment by, Jun 17, 2010

So glad to hear a positive update from you! I love your app and wouldn't mind it being ad-supported at all. I am completely lost without it. from Japan

Comment by, Jun 17, 2010

Count me in as one of many who would gladly pay for this app!

Comment by, Jun 17, 2010

I like this app so much I am ready to pay for it. On one condition: The data provider must give you all the info. For multilingual cities, it's bothersome to not have any mean to differenciate wich version play in a theatre (Original english or a translated/sub-titled).

I know no app offer this differentiation,anyway to my knowledge and I tried many apps, only websites, but hey this would be the perfect opportunity. Given that I would pay 5-10$ for this.

Comment by, Jun 17, 2010

I feel compelled to mention something no one else has... Any potential in putting the app back up without the unnamed service shut down completely, and reopened again with an in-app purchase of said service area?

Hypothetically, if it was say like a score aggregator that wanted to charge for services, offer reviews for an in-app purchase of whatever your necessary cost was, while still providing the main app for free?

I find the whole process of using all these other movie showtimes apps to be frustrating as none of them work as well as yours did. :(

Comment by, Jun 18, 2010

Cyrus, I would also like to say that I'd be VERY happy to have an ad supported Now Playing, and if it were offered, I'd pay for the app to get an ad-free version. It's the best Movie Times Viewer on the iPhone and is definitely worth it!

Comment by, Jun 18, 2010

I don't know if this helps, but i would pay for it. I have used this app since it came out on my origonal ipod touch. Hope this helps

Comment by, Jun 18, 2010

OK WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!!?? I had to actually CALL a theatre to find out what was playing! ARGGGG! I Can't live without NOW PLAYING! Come backkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Comment by, Jun 18, 2010

Have tried all the other movie apps and NONE of them support off-line use, making them completely useless for my lovely iTouch!! I, too, would happily pay up to $5 for the app or ad-supported. Just please don't forget us wi-fi/ offline users when you bring it back! Now Playing is the best app for storing information for us off line.

Comment by, Jun 18, 2010

I'd pay $5, and I rarely go to the movies. I'd pay more, but I imagine much steeper and you'd lose your audience.

Comment by, Jun 19, 2010

I need the app to be up to date for my kids. Happy to pay for it

Comment by, Jun 19, 2010

I'd pay $5 or more for this app, Cyrus.

Comment by, Jun 19, 2010

I'd pay for it as well. It's spectacular! My parents & I love Now Playing. My mom complains about it almost every other day about it being down. Keep up the good work, Cyrus. I hope it's back up soon. By the way, you should have sold it for at least $1 from the beginning, you could have made quite a profit by now. :]

Comment by, Jun 20, 2010

You haven't disclosed who the data provider is. I'm guessing this is to keep the bastards happy. Fascist bully boys!!! Like so many others I'm happy to pay for your app. Good luck.

Comment by, Jun 20, 2010

I'd be happy to pay for it too. None of the other movie apps even comes close. Thank you for such a great app.

Comment by, Jun 21, 2010

What a great App, I would pay also to use it or accept an ad supported version. Really hope you can get it back on-line soon.

Comment by, Jun 21, 2010

Absolutely love this app, would definitely pay for it. I'd put up with Ads, but I'd prefer to pay.

When it comes back I'd love to be able to be able to turn off every mode but theatres, since they're practically useless to me, and generally inaccurate when it comes to release dates etc. since I'm in Australia.

Another request, this is going to sound really silly, is with the red ticket icon (apparently Australia only according to the icon poll a while back, not sure if it's the same everywhere else now) it would be nice if you could fill in the corners, so the icon more closely matches the shape of every other icon (and the app store version). It's a tiny tiny nitpick, but to me it's ever so slightly annoying that it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the icons around it.

Anyway, I hope you can sort things out soon. I've been searching for alternatives in Australia since Now Playing disappeared and there's practically nothing. There's definitely nothing if you throw out the buggy ones and ones with hideous icons and interfaces. There was something so great about Now Playing's simplicity, it really fit in well with the OS.

Comment by, Jun 22, 2010

I need this app! I'm so disappointed it was shutdown! It was the premier app on my iPad too! And there's an App named Now Playing in the iTunes app store that has nothing do to with this original. Just what service requested a shutdown? We need to petition them!

Comment by, Jun 22, 2010

Hope to see Now Playing working again on my iOS 4 updated 3GS as soon as possible. Would definitely pay for it, no doubt. Cheers from Italy.

Comment by, Jun 22, 2010

Count me in as another person who would happily pay for Now Playing. It's been my favorite app for over a year and I miss it terribly.

Comment by, Jun 22, 2010

I'd pay for it: up to $5. No movie app is better. I'd put up with ads too (hopefully they will be iAds if it becomes ad supported), although I'd prefer not to, I would still do it. I wish you luck, Cyrus :)

Comment by, Jun 22, 2010

Just wanted to toss in another comment that I miss this app dearly and would gladly pay for it. Even just using it for movie times was 10x better than any other app.

Comment by, Jun 23, 2010

Please for the love of god, get this app back up. Absolutely my favorite movie showtimes app, none of the others even come close. I would gladly pay for it, or be fine with ads...or even both!

Comment by, Jun 23, 2010

How much longer! I miss my Now Playing app :-)

Comment by, Jun 23, 2010

please give us back now playing !!!!! i'd Also pay for it!!!

Comment by, Jun 23, 2010

Please get this app back up.. Definitely worth $5 for a non ad version... All the other movie showtime apps suck compared to yours!

Comment by elvo86, Jun 24, 2010

Throw in iAds!

Comment by project member, Jun 24, 2010

Thanks for the support guys. I'm waiting ot hear back from teh data provider, and i hope things will work out.

Comment by, Jun 24, 2010

Please no ads, I prefer to pay you

Comment by, Jun 25, 2010

I would also pay for this app. This is critical ad for moviegoers.

Comment by, Jun 25, 2010

@cyrus.najamabadi Is it a matter of money (inc. copyright) or just thecnical issues?

Comment by, Jun 25, 2010

Assuming that you are this guy (, could Google help you?

Comment by, Jun 25, 2010

I'll be happy to pay for it too!!

Comment by, Jun 25, 2010

ditto on the pay thing, the other apps out there just don't compare. been using now playing since release and it's only gotten better with time.

Comment by, Jun 26, 2010

Cyrus, I would gladly pay $5 and give a 5 star review as soon as it comes out. Thanks for working with whoever to get it back up.

Comment by, Jun 26, 2010

Love the app, hope you get the data problems sorted out soon!

Comment by, Jun 26, 2010

Who's this greedy data provider so we can complain?

Comment by, Jun 26, 2010

While many of us seem willing and eager to support a paid version of this app, that may not be enough to support an exorbitant recurring service fee from this unnamed data provider. As much as I want this app back, I'm not willing to pay a monthly fee for it. I've got way too many recurring expenses as it is.

Comment by, Jun 27, 2010

Any more updates?

Oh and minimal adds please, happy to pay one off fee for this amazing app.

Comment by, Jun 28, 2010

Love it, miss it. I would also gladly pay!

Comment by, Jun 29, 2010


It's been almost a month. Will you please update us? Bad or good. Thanks.

Comment by, Jun 30, 2010

I want my Now Playing! Waaaaa!

Comment by, Jun 30, 2010

Now Playing is a well-designed app that looks clean and works well. (And seemed to have good data for Canada). I miss it.

I would put up with inobtrusive ads (though that's a bit of an oxymoron on a small screen), but I'd prefer to pay a few dollars on a one-time basis. That said, there's probably no way to know in advance how many people really would pay anything until you try. (New Coke was based on solid market research, but people are not very good at saying what they will really do.)

I think the best solution would be an ad-supported app that you can then remove the ads from by paying a one-time fee with an in-app purchase. Good luck!

Comment by, Jun 30, 2010

It seems like it would require both ads to cover recurring costs from the info provider and an up-front cost to cover development costs. I'd be happy with both since this is such a great app.

Comment by, Jul 2, 2010

How about giving us the name of the data provider so that we can boycott them? Maybe if they lose some business they'll start being reasonable.

Comment by, Jul 5, 2010

I so miss this app. I've tried every other one and none compete in how efficiently NP lays out the right info in the right way. I'd hate ton see it have ads but I'd be willing to pay whatever it costs!

Comment by, Jul 5, 2010

I so miss this app. I've tried every other one and none compete in how efficiently NP lays out the right info in the right way. I'd hate ton see it have ads but I'd be willing to pay whatever it costs!

Comment by, Jul 5, 2010

Please bring it back - Is there a petition somewhere we can start getting names on?

Comment by, Jul 6, 2010

I miss this app!

Comment by, Jul 8, 2010

I love this app so much!! I miss it, I hate having to use another app in the meantime. I'd actually love to pay for this well put together app.

Comment by, Jul 8, 2010

Add me to the list of folks who love love love Now Playing. Also add me to the list of people who will pay whatever it takes for this great app but won't look at ads.

No matter the outcome, thanks a ton for this best of apps!

Comment by, Jul 8, 2010

I'd love to know when you're back up; your app was one of my favorites. Is there a newsletter I can sign up for?

Good luck!

Comment by, Jul 9, 2010

Loved the app. It was my only movie app; but alas, I've had to switch to Flixster since I've not heard anything about the status of Now Playing.

Comment by mfrischman, Jul 13, 2010

Cyrus, glad to hear that a fix is in the works. Now Playing has been on my start screen from day one. I'm all for the ads, but would be happy to pay for an app as useful as this. Keep up the good work.


Comment by, Jul 14, 2010

Just adding my opinion to the scores of similar...

This is by far the best-of-class for movie showtimes in the app store. I have not found a replacement that I am happy with, and I think I've tried most of them.

Here's hoping that Cyrus is able to resolve his data issues, and get the app back in the store. Oh, and yes, I'd pay for an ad-free version of the app. $1-$2 without even thinking -- probably up to $5, if I'm honest with myself...

Comment by, Jul 15, 2010

I too can't find another app that works as well as Now Playing - certainly no apps in Australia hold a candle to it. I would also be happy to pay or have it add supported.

Comment by, Jul 16, 2010

An alternative until this is fixed is Flixster.

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

Flixster's updated app is awesome. They've now surpassed NowPlaying. Sorry to the developer, but he took way too long to resolve his issues and now a competitor has released a superior product. Has all of the same features, plus user ratings, Facebook integration, etc. It even makes it easy to purchase tickets directly from the app.

The only shortcoming on Flixster is that the iPad version is currently missing the new features they just added to the iPhone version - something I'm sure they'll resolve shortly.

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

And BTW, Flixster is ad supported, so the app is free.

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

I don't like Flixter as much as now playing, but maybe it's the next best thing. The movies in the "Box Office" list are just a list of movies "out there" in theaters, not a list of what is playing near me. Foreign films, repertory films, etc do not show up. I have to go to the pages for the individual theaters to find those.

I live in New York, where there are often classic movies playing in art-house theaters. My favorite thing about "Now Playing" was that I could get the movies list to show them in order of release date. Then I could scroll past "Last Week" and "One Month Ago" all the way to "42 Years Ago" and find that The Godfather was playing. No other program I can find does that.

I really, really miss Now Playing.

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

As any iPhone user knows, having the same (or more) features is not the same as having the better product. Please come back to us, NowPlaying, please.

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

I've used Now Playing since the very beginning and talked with Cyrus a bit in those early days; even contributed to him because I believe it to be an outstanding app that just keeps getting better. I came to see why the data is always downloading and got my answer. Bummer. I do hope the best for Cyrus and will throw in my support for a paid/ad-free version, if that is what it takes. I'd probably go up to $5 for it for the convenience of theater times, upcoming blu-ray releases, and Netflix queue.

Hope you are back up and running soon!

Comment by, Jul 18, 2010

Now Playing is one of those apps. that makes the iphone INDESPENSABLE! My wife and I use your app. multiple times a week to not only check on movies, but basically browse the theaters around the neighborhoods and in a glance, see everything that's playing and the current average ratings. What more can you ask for? Add another vote for a paid app. to help for the data provider charges and support your efforts. You homed in on exactly what we all want and the performance blew away the others - Fandango, AOL, etc. REALLY, really miss the app. Hope it comes back!

Comment by, Jul 19, 2010

I really miss this app i hope it comes back very soon.

Comment by, Jul 20, 2010

Now Playing with imdb built in. I'd pay for that - no question. Prefer to pay for ad-free, but for now anything would be great. Love your work, Cyrus!

Comment by, Jul 22, 2010

I hate Movies and the alternatives. I miss Now Playing.

Comment by, Jul 22, 2010

Cyrus, please give us an update on the situation!

Comment by, Jul 25, 2010

I would pay for this app if it came back. Please!

Comment by, Jul 27, 2010

I so miss this app! Glad I'm not alone here and I would pay for this app.

Comment by, Jul 27, 2010

Flixster has a ridiculous volume of ads on the current iPhone version.

Comment by, Jul 29, 2010

Bring it back! We'll pay!!!

Comment by, Jul 30, 2010

Any word? Can you get a new data provider?

Comment by, Jul 31, 2010

Flixster is nowhere near as user-friendly and intuitive as Now Playing. Please update us on the situation. Now Playing is the best movie showtimes app out there. Would investment capital solve the issue?

Comment by, Aug 1, 2010

Honestly, I'd PAY for this app. Please tell us it's coming back! The flixster app is ok, but I miss my metacritic scores!

Comment by, Aug 1, 2010

Took me a while to find this page. Anyway, I've been using Now Playing since 2008 and I really miss the app. Cyrus, I'd totally be willing to buy a paid version. I hope everything gets resolved a.s.a.p!


Comment by, Aug 6, 2010

THANKYOU for all the hard work that you put into now playing. It was great while it lasted. I wish you well with your other projects.

You are AWSOME. :)

Comment by, Aug 7, 2010

Please bring the App back, it was AWESOME!!!

Comment by, Aug 7, 2010

Now Playing is the best movie showtimes app out there. I would gladly pay for this App!!!!

Comment by, Aug 7, 2010

It pisses me off that I got an iPAD and discovered now playing only a month before it went down. I have had a taste of the good life, only to have it ripped away from me...... I now know how sub-par those other programs are.

Comment by, Aug 7, 2010

I couldn't wait any longer for this app to come back from the dead. I found a new app called Movies by Flickster that does everything that Now Playing did but even better. And it's free.

Comment by, Aug 7, 2010

I'd be more than willing to pay for this app. Bring it back ASAP! please

Comment by, Aug 12, 2010

I'm wiiling to pay for "Now Playing " App. It was great App.

Comment by, Aug 13, 2010

I, too, love the app. Cyrus is such a great developer - when it first launched, he was really open to getting in working in Melbourne. I'd prefer a one-off fee, up to $5, but could live with ad-supported if that's a more viable to pay for the service fees. Thanks Cyrus and good luck negotiating a good outcome!

Comment by, Aug 14, 2010

I really hope you get this app working again. I hate RT's rating system and your app was the only one that gives the option to view metacritic scores.

Comment by, Aug 14, 2010

Yeah. And whoever the guy is who said Flickster is "even better" is smoking crack. No, really, go ahead and look up ten upcoming movies and favorite them in Flickster. Go for it! I'll wait here.

Comment by, Aug 14, 2010

Perhaps an update with a in app purchase for those of us who got it already? Or a "new" edition? Looking forward to the return of Now Playing.

Comment by, Aug 16, 2010

So what is happening with this app - is it coming back? I truly miss it.

Comment by, Aug 16, 2010

hey every1 , how can I see the source code of this app. ?? the source tab doesn't contain the download link .. any help plz ? :)

Comment by, Aug 31, 2010

I would give my left nut for the return of this app.

Comment by, Sep 7, 2010

Still sad to see this is still gone. I've switched to Flixter and it meets most of my needs, but I miss Now Playing almost every week. Was just going through my list of historical app purchases and saw my initial purchase of "Now Playing" and felt kind of sad.

Comment by, Sep 7, 2010

Every time I have to use one of the other craptastic movie apps I miss this one. It's the little things that make such a difference:

- telling me when the listings were last downloaded, - caching listing data for later so I don't have to wait next time, - good balances between depth and spread of information, - responsiveness, - clean interface, - favorite theater lists that don't suck

I could probably go on all day. If you aren't going to be able to re-release this because of data/hosting problems could you post the latest sources? That way the thousands of other free apps who do it wrong so consistently will have somewhere to go to see an interface done well?

Thanks for illustrating how bad all the other movie apps really are.

Comment by, Sep 8, 2010

I really miss Now Playing. I hope you could fix the problem ASAP.

Comment by, Sep 8, 2010

I miss this program. Can I help you somehow?

Comment by, Sep 9, 2010

Flixter is disappointing and has failed me many times in the week that I've had it. Please bring back Now Playing!! I'll contribute to the cause.

Comment by, Sep 10, 2010

I leave the app on my iPod Touch and keep on hoping for an update ... really liked it, had been my A No. 1 app!

Comment by, Sep 12, 2010

Nobody else has an app that works properly with my Touch - they all need to be online to find data. I used to love the fact I could update while online at home and then have film times at my fingertips when I went out at night after work.

Comment by, Sep 16, 2010

Seriously, fix it, sell it, act! It's too good of an app and you built such an excellent brand for this to just fade away. Surely there is some reasonable arrangement? Even an optional monthly fee just for yge data provider will get you back some (small) % of users so you can continue to work on the app and negotiate for a better deal. Best of luck! -a

Comment by, Sep 16, 2010

Cyrus, has there been word from your info provider? Anything you can divulge? Anything at all? Please....

Comment by, Sep 28, 2010

I really miss this program. None of the other Movie apps even came close, not then, not now.

I hope this app is back working again soon.

Comment by, Sep 30, 2010

Just want to add another 'I miss this app' comment. My life is just not the same without it. None of the other apps compare. :(

Comment by, Oct 1, 2010

After 4 months and no status updates, I have to conclude that you have abandoned this app. Which is a shame, because it was a really great app. I'm going to delete it. Keep in mind that your lack of communication in regards to this issue has made me wary of downloading another app of yours in the future regardless of quality due to the fact that you ignore your customers for 4 months.

Comment by, Oct 6, 2010

Heretical as it may be, I have to mention that Movies Now is a decent substitute for our long-lost NowPlaying/BoxOffice?-- and worlds better than the leading alternative, the horrible, misbegotten Flixster.

Comment by, Oct 26, 2010

I did a little research on Cyrus and he now works for Google as a programmer. Therefore, there is no chance he is going to be doing an update for this app anytime in the future (unless its for Android). I agree with everyone that this was a great app but it would have been nice if he just let us know what it's status was. Good luck with the alternatives.

Comment by, Nov 30, 2010

I still have the app installed on my phone in hopes that one day it will make a glorious return. Ridiculous that this app was stifled for money reasons. It's the best movie app available and "The Man" is keeping it from being available to the public. Cyrus, please give us an update. If the app is dead with no chance of ever returning, will you please let us know so we can move on?

Comment by, Dec 14, 2010

Bump, with a total agreement with jodymcd

Comment by, May 2, 2011

I STILL miss this app, and there is still not another app out there that is capable of replacing it... they are all either clunky, or too complicated, or dont have ratings, etc. this was the one app that got it just right, with all the info you'd need, and really simple and uncomplicated to use. i'd love to see it make an unexpected comeback!

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