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Changes from version to version.
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Tip: In order to see correct documentation for your plugin version you can build the version from source and then build the site with "mvn site"


Any text in bold below describes changes, which may cause existing builds to break. You may need to update / clean up your project configuration. This should only happen during alphas, and between major versions. From time to time, upgrading Google's Android SDK and NDK may also be necessary.

Android Maven Plugin 3.x release series

Requires Maven 3.0.4+ for latest (and 3.1.1+ for some older releases)

A bunch of configuration parameters have changed and some have be removed, compared to the 2.x release series. This means you will need to look at the changelog for API changes, specifically text in bold, before upgrading from 2.x to 3.x.

Android Maven Plugin 4.0.0 - upcoming

Android Maven Plugin 3.9.0-rc.3 - released 2014-07-24

Android Maven Plugin 3.9.0-rc.2 - released 2014-05-27


  • Maven versions 3.0.4+ are now supported again
  • instrumentation tested apk's have to use provided scope in the test project
  • further new parameters and their usage are documented on the site

Android Maven Plugin 3.9.0-rc.1 - 2014-02-24

Android Maven Plugin 3.8.2 - 2013-12-30

Android Maven Plugin 3.8.1 - 2013-12-05

Android Maven Plugin 3.8.0 - 2013-11-08

ATTENTION: Maven 3.1.1+ is required to build the plugin itself as well as to use the plugin to build Android applications!

Android Maven Plugin 3.7.0 - 2013-09-27


  • The sdk platform configuration parameter no longer support platform, only API level works from now on.
  • the keyword 'all' is no longer supported for ndk architectures, you have to explicitly list them

Android Maven Plugin 3.6.1 - 2013-07-31

Android Maven Plugin 3.6.0 - 2013-05-22

All merges, CI server work, changelog editing and release process contributed by Manfred Moser


The configuration of the sdk platform is now required for SDK as well as NDK projects. An example plugin configuration is


The plugin has been updated to work with the SDK release 22.0. 21.1 works on the CI server. It might or might not work for older versions. YMMV.

Android Maven Plugin 3.5.3 - 2013-04-09

Release process, pull request merges and more contributed by Manfred Moser

Minimal plugin configuration to enable monkey is


Full configuration can use these parameters.


Android Maven Plugin 3.5.2 - 2013-04-01

Attention - due to a bug this release requires you to have the NDK installed even for normal builds. If that is a problem please wait for the next release. A fix exist in the current 3.5.3-SNAPSHOT version.

Release process, pull request merges and more contributed by Manfred Moser

Minimal plugin configuration to enable lint is


Full configuration can use these parameters.


Android Maven Plugin 3.5.1 - 2013-02-23

Release process, pull request merges and more contributed by Manfred Moser

Minimal plugin configuration to enable lint is


which will produce xml report in target/lint/lint.xml Full configuration options available are


Android Maven Plugin 3.5.0 - released 2012-12-18

Code reviews, testing, minor adjustments by Manfred Moser

API/Configuration Changes:


Since non-release builds are now debuggable by default you NEED TO ensure that the release parameter is set to true in your release build.

In the pom this would be e.g.


or you could activate on the command line with e.g

mvn clean deploy -Dandroid.release=true

or if you use the release plugin just add the above pom config to the release profile.

Android Maven Plugin 3.4.1

All merges, miscellaneous improvements and release performance contributed by Manfred Moser,

Android Maven Plugin 3.4.0

All merges, codestyle fixups and more miscellaneous improvements contributed by Manfred Moser,

API/Configuration Changes:

  • BuildConfig configuration relies on android.release maven configuration rather than system property
  • zipalign activation/deactivation now works properly so you need to activate it with
  • <zipalign><skip>false</skip></zipalign> 

in configuration or with android.zipalign.skip=false

  • APK Merge support has to be configured like this
  • <plugins>

Android Maven Plugin 3.3.2

All merges into master and release process work contributed by Manfred Moser

Android Maven Plugin 3.3.1 (never released)

release process failed, version got bumped to 3.3.2

Android Maven Plugin 3.3.0

Android Maven Plugin 3.2.0

API/Configuration Changes:

  • see AutomatedScreenshots for information about the on-demand screenshots during Android integration tests
  • new and old proguard config options also supported are as properties
  • <proguard>
  • use external proguard dependency (e.g. 4.7 as deployed to Central Repository)
  • <plugin>
  • manifest update goal with new parameters for screens
  •  <manifest>

Android Maven Plugin 3.1.1

Android Maven Plugin 3.1.0

API/Configuration Changes:

  • as mentioned above, overriding of plugin configuration for various goals from properties or command line parameter should now work
  • new proguard config for alternate proguard jar and jvm arguments, also using absolute path to a proguard.cfg should now work
  • <proguard>
  • NDK builds now require NDK r7

Android Maven Plugin 3.0.0

Sample project changes:

  • Scala example adapted to new proguard goal
  • Release profile on morseflash example adapted to new proguard goal
  • Native transitive dependency example fixed namespace so it works again
    • contributed by Johan Lindquist

API/Configuration Changes:

  • new goal android:proguard, by default disabled, enable with
  •     <proguard><skip>false</skip></proguard>
in the plugin configuration, by default uses a proguard.cfg file as used/created by the Android SDK

Android Maven Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-14

Sample project changes:

API/Configuration Changes:

  • new parameter genDirectoryAidl to specify target folder for aidl classes generated
  • new parameter to specify alternate ndk build file android.ndk.ndk-build-executable
  • new parameter to specify build directory for ndk build step android.ndk.ndk-build-directory

Android Maven Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-13

Android Maven Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-12

  • upgraded to r13 of ddmlib, that is now available in central

Samples project changes:

  • update morseflash example setup to use the manifest-update goal for debuggable and versionCodeAutoIncrement

API/Configuration Changes

  • run configuration now nested in pom and using parameter for command line or run.debug for property
  • <run>
  • dex configuration now nested and so on like run config
  • <dex>
  • push configuration now nested and so on like run config
  • <push>
  • pull configuration now nested and so on like run config
  • <pull>

Android Maven Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-11

  • refactored name of plugin to android-maven-plugin
      • In your projects, change all <artifactId>maven-android-plugin</artifactId> to <artifactId>android-maven-plugin</artifactId>.
      • See also PluginRenamed for further information.
    • see  Issue 198 
    • contributed by Manfred Moser,

API/Configuration Changes:

  • renamed all plugin configuration from <artifactId>maven-android-plugin</artifactId> to <artifactId>android-maven-plugin</artifactId>

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-11

  • This is the last 3.x-series release under the name maven-android-plugin. From now on, the plugin is known as android-maven-plugin. See above.
  • Added forward-pointing relocation meta-data to artifactId android-maven-plugin.
    • contributed by Hugo Josefson

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-10

(not released)

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-9

  • fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundException when instrumentation test report AssertionError
  • support for all instrumentation test configuration parameters to be supplied as properties or in plugin configuration
  • refactored enableIntegrationTest parameter to android.test.skip
  • internal refactor of all pure config pojos into separate package and other cleanup
  • refactored configuration parameters for manifest update mojo to be contained in <manifest> element

API/Configuration Changes:

  • Upgrade to Maven 3.0.3+
  • support for debug parameter for run goal as as property value in pom, settings or command line or in plugin configuration as
  • <configuration><run><debug>true|false</debug></run></configuration>
  • refactored enableIntegrationTest parameter to android.test.skip also see next...
  • support for test configuration parameters to be supplied in pom like so
  • <configuration>
      <logOnly>true|false</logOnly>  avd
  • changed manifest update configuration to be contained in element in pom like so
  • <configuration>

or have the manifest as part of the configuration property like e.g. android.manifest.debuggable or android.manifest.sharedUserId

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-8

(not released)

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-7

API/Configuration Changes:

  • support for emulator name (e.g. emulator-5554) in android.device parameter
  • new manifest update mojo replacing the version update mojo:

Updates various version attributes present in the AndroidManifest.xml file. You can configure this mojo to update the following manifest attributes:

android:versionName on the manifest element. android:versionCode on the manifest element. android:sharedUserId on the manifest element. android:debuggable on the application element.

Note: This process will reformat the AndroidManifest.xml per JAXP Transformer defaults if updates are made to the manifest.

Updating Your android:debuggable attribute

  • new goal to stop all emulators, try mvn android:emulator-stop-all

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-6

API/Configuration Changes:

  • new optimize boolean parameter.

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-5

API/Configuration Changes:


Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-4

API/Configuration Changes:

  • new help goal: try mvn android:help

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-3

API/Configuration Changes:

  • pull goal parameters are now android.pull.source and android.pull.destination
  • push goal parameters are now android.push.source and android.push.destination
  • deleteConflictingFiles parameter removed
  • Java 1.6 now required to build plugin and to run plugin as well
  • new standalone mojo android:run
  • new parameter android.test.createreport default to true, set to false and junit xml report will not be created

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-2

Maven Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha-1

API/Configuration Changes:

  • new standalone goal "version-update" with parameters "versionname.update" and "versioncode.autoincrement"
  • new goal ndk-build
    • "ndk.path" parameter for Android NDK support, supports environment variable ANDROID_NDK_HOME
    • "" parameter
    • "" parameter
    • "" parameter
    • "" parameter
    • "nativeLibrariesDirectory" parameter
    • "" parameter, default armeabi
  • "classifier" parameter, when given cause the apk to get a classifier and be an attached build artifact
  • removed parameter "deleteDataAndCacheDirectoriesOnDevice" since it is no longer needed
  • new instrumentation test related parameters
    • "test.debug"
    • "test.coverage"
    • "test.logonly"
    • "test.testsize"
    • changed "instrumentationRunner" to "test.instrumentationRunner"
    • changed "instrumentationPackage" to "test.instrumentationPackage"

Maven Android Plugin 2.x release series

Maven Android Plugin 2.9.0-beta-5

API/Configuration Changes:

  • noLocals (default false), pass --no-locals to dx command
  • lazyLibraryUnpack (default false) only unpack library after a clean build and not when output directory already exists
  • aaptExtraArgs array of string extra arguments to be passed to aapt
  • renameManifestPackage - pass the --rename-manifest-package parameter to aapt
  • renameInstrumentationTargetPackage - pass the --rename-instrumentation-target-package parameter to aapt

Maven Android Plugin 2.9.0-beta-4

Maven Android Plugin 2.9.0-beta-3

  • Fix for  Issue 137 : Specifying jvmArguments results in "error: no command specified"
    • jvmArguments now work again.
    • Thank you to Roberto Tyley.
  • Fix for  Issue 145 : Can't release multi-module with apklib
    • When one of your multi-module project's modules is <packaging>apklib</apklib>, you had to mvn install before, for the other modules to be able to find it. Now mvn package works too, even when your local repo is empty.
    • Especially important when performing a Maven release of a multi-module project like that :)
    • By Hugo Josefson.

Maven Android Plugin 2.9.0-beta-2

  • New feature:  Issue 113 : Patch for advanced instrumentation settings
    • Allows you to specify which tests to run, via configuration.
    • See description in  Issue 113  for usage instructions.
    • Thank you to Marcus.
  • New feature: Added option for using aapt --custom-package.
    • For those who know you need it, add <customPackage>...</customPackage> to the plugin configuration or -Dandroid.customPackage=... to the command line.
    • Thank you to Stéphane Jacquemain.
  • Fix for  Issue 112  - The deploy, undeploy and redeploy goals must have no effect on non-APK project
    • Running mvn android:deploy/redeploy/undeploy on a project which is not an APK, now does nothing instead of giving an error.
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.
  • Fix for  Issue 115  - Build Fails if command path has a space in it
    • Running mvn install from a project directory with spaces in it now works.
    • Thank you to David.
  • Fix for resource collisions in apklib projects.

Maven Android Plugin 2.9.0-beta-1

  • New feature -  Issue 96 : Support for library projects
    • Use <packaging>apklib</packaging> for the library project, and <type>apklib</type> in the <dependency> tag in the app when depending on it.
    • See ApkLib for documentation and samples.
    • Thank you to Nick Maiorana. Some extra patches by Eric Bowman and Hugo Josefson.
  • Made maven-android-plugin easier to build from source for new developers.
    • Removed tests for obsolete Android SDK versions, which are hard to find and install.
  • Fix for  Issue 123 : Packaging failed when embedded dependencies have duplicate resources
    • Disabled by default, enable with <extractDuplicates>true</extractDuplicates>
    • See  Issue 123  and linked pull request for more information.
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.

Maven Android Plugin 2.8.4

  • Fix for  Issue 119 : "aapt: /lib/ no version information available"
    • Works in Amazon's own Linux dist now.
    • By Hugo Josefson

Maven Android Plugin 2.8.3

  • Re-fix for  Issue 104 : "Can't find SDK tools on Windows"
    • Issue introduced in version 2.8.1, now fixed even better.
    • Thank you to Nick Maiorana.

Maven Android Plugin 2.8.2

  • Fix for  Issue 104 : "Can't find SDK tools on Windows"
    • Issue introduced in version 2.8.1, now fixed.
    • By Hugo Josefson

Maven Android Plugin 2.8.1

  • Fix for  Issue 103 : "Use platform-tools instead of platforms/*/tools"
    • This makes all commands automatically work also with the latest Android SDK r08 (for Android 2.3 / Gingerbread).
    • By Hugo Josefson

Maven Android Plugin 2.8.0

  • Fix for  Issue 48 : "*.apksources file contains .svn files"
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.
  • Fix for  Issue 49 : "'assets' files are not included when including one android project as 'apksources' type dependency of another"
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.
  • New feature -  Issue 69 : "Add android:redeploy Goal"
    • mvn android:redeploy can now be used as a shortcut for mvn android:undeploy android:deploy.
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.
  • Fix for  Issue 85 : "apkbuilder: THIS TOOL IS DEPRECATED. See --help for more information."
    • Now automatically loads sdklib.jar from the Android SDK.
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.
  • New feature -  Issue 98 : "package should produce the signed as well as the unsigned apk"
    • Set -Dandroid.sign.debug=both or <sign><debug>both</debug></sign> to get both a debug signed and an unsigned apk.
    • Thank you to Mirko Friedenhagen.

Maven Android Plugin 2.7.0

  • New feature: Native library copying support
    • Includes native libraries in the project's libs/ directory. Can be changed with parameter nativeLibrariesDirectory.
    • Includes native libraries from Maven dependencies, if they are <type>so</type>.
    • Hardware architecture is picked up from the so artifact's classifier. If none is set, it defaults to armebi. (The default hw architecture when no classifier is set, can also be changed with parameter nativeLibrariesDependenciesHardwareArchitectureDefault.)
    • Thank you to Johan Lindquist.
  • Fix for  Issue 87 : zipalign should be skipped on non APK projects
    • Thank you to Clement Escoffier.
  • Fix: Do not get confused by trailing slashes.
    • Thank you to Mirko Friedenhagen.

Maven Android Plugin 2.6.0

  • Split dex into unpack/dex so something like ProGuard can be inserted.
    • Thank you to Zang MingJie for this patch.
  • Fixed  Issue 72 : Allows modification of the gen folder.
    • Thank you to Mathieu Carbou for this patch.
  • Obey the -Dandroid.device=... and <device>...</device> parameters for all adb commands.
    • By Hugo Josefson
  • Fixed  Issue 68 : Added boolean flag coreLibrary to DexMojo to allow for passing the --core-library flag to dx.
    • Thank you to Kelsey Francis for the patch.
  • Fix for  Issue 4 : emulator cannot be stopped on windows because of command params not set correctly in the stop command, also makes sure to start the emulator when the device is connected to the usb, by passing the -e option to adb when getting the serial number.
    • Thank you to Chander Pechetty for this patch.
  • Dirty Fix for  Issue 82 .
    • Better that current situation! Thank you to Mirko Friedenhagen for this patch.
  • Paths on the device or emulator during Pull and Push may be Strings only instead of File as absolutePath is OS-dependant, e.g. on Windows Drive Letters will be added and Backslashes will be used as path separator.
    • Thank you to Mirko Friedenhagen for this patch.
  • Excluded old plexus:plexus-utils
    • Looks like maven-dependency-plugin indirectly depends on some really old version of plexus:plexus-utils, which had groupId different from current org.codehaus.plexus and thus was included together with the new version. The order of dependencies has changed in 3.0-beta-3, and the old/stale plexus-utils causes problems both during the build and at runtime.
    • Thank you to Igor Fedorenko for this patch.
  • Various cleanup and improvements.
    • Thank you to Mirko Friedenhagen and Manfred Moser for these.

Maven Android Plugin 2.5.2

  • Fixed  Issue 78 : Platform folder names must be android-x, where x is a number.
    • Now, all subfolders of <sdk-path>/platforms with names starting with "android-" are valid platform folders. There is no implicit connection between the name of the directories and the platform versions. (The name of the platform version and the api level number are taken from the file.)
    • The plugin looks for platforms in <sdk-path>/platforms. Only directories starting with "android-" are considered valid. (Maybe we should remove this restriction.) It then looks in the file to find out the api level and the platform name. The level and name will then be matched to what is specified in the pom file.
    • Thank you to Albin Theander for the patch!

Maven Android Plugin 2.5.1

  • Fixed  Issue 74 : Dependencies are now processed in the order they stand in the pom.
    • Thank you to Albin Theander for the patch!
  • Updated plugin documentation for zipalign.
  • Fixed misspelled command-line argument, corrected to -Dandroid.zipalign.inputApk=...
    • Thank you to Manfred Moser for the patch!

Maven Android Plugin 2.5.0

  • New feature: Zipalign goal ( Issue 51 ).
  • Improved verification of the Android SDK platform and API level.
  •  Issue 4 : Some more fixes for starting/stopping emulator on Windows.
  • Updated Samples to use android.jar from Maven Central, and not requiring Maven Android SDK Deployer.
Thank you to Manfred Moser for these patches!
(Manfred's blog post about this release has more details)

Maven Android Plugin 2.4.0

Maven Android Plugin 2.3.3

  • Basic NDK support: include compiled native libraries to the apk
    • Thank you to Sergey Rudchenko for the patch!
  • Fixed  Issue 57  /  Issue 50 : Dependencies do not get included in apk / maven dependency ksoap2-android reference error
    • This issue affected both EclipseIntegration and command-line builds with Maven 3.
    • Thank you to Ricardo Gladwell for the patch!
  • Google changed how platform directories are named. android-1.1 -> android-2; android-1.5 -> android-3, etc.:
    • Updated unit tests to pass for new version of Android SDK: convention for platforms directory structure has changed. Thank you to Ricardo Gladwell for the patch.
    • Updated pom.xml files in Samples to use the new platform directory names too.
    • Users should edit their pom.xml files, and change the <sdk><platform> tags accordingly, if they install the new Android SDK.

Maven Android Plugin 2.3.2

  •  Issue 4 
    • New support for stopping an emulator on Windows.
      • We still need someone on Windows to test it!
      • See  Issue 4 , and scroll down to "INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANYONE TO TEST ON WINDOWS".
    • Improved support for starting an emulator on Mac in IntelliJ IDEA.
    • Thank you Manfred Moser for the patches!
  • Using newer plugins.

Maven Android Plugin 2.3.0

  •  Issue 4 
    • New support for starting and stopping an emulator on Unix/Linux, and starting an emulator on Windows. Thank you Manfred Moser for this functionality! Documented in the Maven Android Plugin Goals section of the book Maven: The Complete Reference.
  • Defaulting <sdk><path>...</path></sdk> to environment variable ANDROID_HOME so that the config parameter is not needed by default. Thank you Manfred Moser for the patch!
  • Require at least Maven 2.2.1, instead of exactly 2.2.1. This should fix an Eclipse issue discussed on the Maven Android Developers list.
  • Using newer plugins. Now mvn versions:display-plugin-updates is happy :)

Maven Android Plugin 2.2.2

  • Increased configuration possibilities for ApkSourcesDependency. Thank you Albin Theander for the patch!
    • Added the possibility to use several overlay directories instead of just one. This makes it possible to config which ones to use with profiles. To use this feature, just add the following to the plugin configuration:
      • <resourceOverlayDirectories>
      • <dir>res-overlay-1</dir>
      • <dir>res-overlay-2</dir>
      • </resourceOverlayDirectories>
    • If the feature is not used, the old resourceOverlayDirectory parameter is used as before, keeping everything backwards compatible.
  •  Issue 39 
    • Improved detection for which projects are instrumentation test projects. Now considers projects without <instrumentation.../> tag in them, as non-instrumentationtest projects, and doesn't try to run them as tests.
  •  Issue 41 
    • Exclude any <scope>provided</scope> dependencies from the built apk file. The android.jar dependencies are/should be such dependencies.

Maven Android Plugin 2.2.1

  • Bugfixes for features introduced in Maven Android Plugin 2.2.0. Thank you Erik Hjortsberg for your patches!
    • Combine both the local resources and any dependency resources in a combined directory.
    • Added the ability to provide overlay resources. These will need to be put in a directory named "res-overlay". See ApkSourcesDependency.
    • When using the eclipse maven plugin, the apksources artifact will point towards a directory (which isn't the correct one). Therefore, when extracting the apksources artifact we'll first try to get a jar from the local repository.
    • Fixed bug where the dependency files overwrote the local files (should be the other way around).
  • Require latest Apache Maven 2.2.1 (coincidental version number!) in fixing  Issue 38 .
  • Pom cleanup. Thank you Manfred Moser for the patch.

Maven Android Plugin 2.2.0

  • Improved EclipseIntegration support. Thank you to Dietrich Schulten for the patch!
    • Eclipse should now better understand that <packaging>apk</packaging> projects are Java projects.
  • Improved EclipseIntegration support. Thank you to Erik Hjortsberg for the patch!
    • When using <deleteConflictingFiles>true</deleteConflictingFiles>, only delete those .aidl files which will result in a .java file being auto created.
  • New feature: Possible to set up inter-project dependencies, even for source code, Android resources and assets.
    • It lets you target different devices easier, without having to duplicate code.
    • Useful for when apk's for different devices need to share some code, Android resources and assets, while still having some code/resources/assets different.
    • See ApkSourcesDependency for details and instructions.
  • (Hopefully) Fixes  Issue 31 : android:dex should work with packaging=jar
    • Added config parameter <attachJar>true|false</attachJar> which is true by default. It can be disabled if the jar is not desired in the build. Alternatively configured from commandline: -Dandroid.attachJar=false
  • (Hopefully) Fixes  Issue 30 : Generated sources and duplicate attachment in a "mavenized" Eclipse project
    • No longer attaches the jar artifact twice. Attaching the jar can also be disabled
  • Fixes  Issue 28 : NoClassDefFoundError, but class exists in target/android-classes
    • Adding java classpath resources from project and dependencies to the apk file.
  • Fixes  Issue 33 : Dealing with META-INF in 3rd party jars
    • Adding java classpath resources from project and dependencies to the apk file.
  • Fixed and added more error messages.

Maven Android Plugin 2.1.0

  • New feature, fixes  Issue 27 : RFE: Add posibility to specify the device to deploy to
    • Can be configured with configuration parameter <device>emulator-5554</device>
    • Can be configured from command line: mvn -Dandroid.device=emulator-5554
    • Special values usb and emulator can be used instead of serial number, for automatic device detection on USB cable or among started emulators.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0

  • No changes needed since 2.0.0-rc1, just re-releasing as version 2.0.0.
  • The most stable, bug-free, easy-to-use release of any Maven plugin for Android app developers we know about!

Maven Android Plugin 2.x pre-releases

Changes which require action are marked as bold.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-rc1

  • Closes input/output streams.
    • Thank you to Martin Vyšný for the patch.
    • This fixes Masa Issue 27, but in this project.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha9

  •  Issue 6 : look over parameter names and expressions
    • mvn site is updated with new goal names, and their config params.
    • Simplified goals android:deploy and android:deploy-file into the same goal, android:deploy.
    • Simplified goals android:undeploy-file and android:undeploy-package into the same goal, android:undeploy.
    • In goals android:deploy and android:undeploy:
      • Renamed command-line parameter -Dfile to -Dandroid.file, for consistency.
    • In goals android:pull and android:push:
      • Renamed command-line parameter -Dsource to -Dandroid.source, for consistency.
      • Renamed command-line parameter -Ddestination to -Dandroid.destination, for consistency.
    • Renamed config param <signWithDebugKeystore>true|false</signWithDebugKeystore> to
      • <sign>
      • <debug>true|false|auto</debug>
      • </sign>
    • Removed config param <sourceDirectory> for clarity, because it should be configured outside the plugin, like this:
      • <build>
      • <sourceDirectory>src/main/java</sourceDirectory>
      • </build>

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha8

  •  Issue 6 : look over parameter names and expressions
    • mvn site is updated with new goal names, and their config params.
    • Glossary is updated.
    • Renamed goal android:deployDependencies to android:deploy-dependencies.
      • Renamed config param <undeployApkBeforeDeploying> to <undeployBeforeDeploy>.
    • Renamed goal android:adbPull to android:pull.
      • Renamed config param <destinationFileOrDirectory> to <destination>.
      • Renamed config param <sourceFileOrDirectory> to <source>.
      • Improved error handling.
    • Renamed goal android:adbPush to android:push.
      • Renamed config param <destinationFileOrDirectory> to <destination>.
      • Renamed config param <sourceFileOrDirectory> to <source>.
      • Improved error handling.
    • Renamed goal android:undeploy-packageName to android:undeploy-package.
      • Renamed config param <packageName> to <package>.
      • Renamed config param -Dpackage to -Dandroid.package.
      • Resolve config param <package>/-Dandroid.package from AndroidManifest.xml if not defined.
    • Renamed goal android:platformTest to android:instrument.
      • Renamed config param <testsPackage> to <testPackage>.
      • Renamed config param <testPackage> to <instrumentationPackage>.
      • Renamed config param <testRunner> to <instrumentationRunner>.
      • Renamed config param -Dandroid.test.testPackage to -Dandroid.instrumentationPackage.
      • Renamed config param -Dandroid.test.testRunner to -Dandroid.instrumentationRunner.
    • In goal android:generate-sources:
      • Removed parameter createPackageDirectories for clarity, and because we currently have no known use case for setting it to false.
    • Samples: Renamed apidemos-*-platformtests to apidemos-*-instrumentationtest.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha7

  •  Issue 25 : mvn android:deploy doesn't work
    • Now it does :)

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha6

  •  Issue 24 : mvn install fails on Windows for <packaging>android:apk:platformTest</packaging>
    • MAJOR CHANGE: Solving this had to result in a major change in how poms are defined. It really was necessary for fixing this issue. Can't be done without changing the <packaging> to something without ":", so it's best to do it all at once now while we're still in alpha.
    • The change is that all Android application poms and all Android platformTest poms will have to have <packaging>apk</packaging> instead of the separate <packaging>android:apk</packaging> and <packaging>android:apk:platformTest</packaging> which they've had before. Also, of course, if the platformTest pom has a dependency to another apk, that <dependency> will now have to be <type>apk</type> instead of <type>android:apk</type>.
    • <packaging>apk</packaging> also makes more sense, especially when comparing to other packaging types such as jar, war and so on...
  • Updated Samples to reflect the fixed  Issue 24 .
  • Because both application and platformTest poms have the same <packaging> now, Maven Android Plugin autodetects whether to enable integration test goals when going through the integration-test phase. The autodetection is based on whether it finds any test classes (those which extend junit.framework.* or android.test.*) in your application. It looks in both the project's source directory and any jar dependencies brought in, which will be included in the apk.
  • Test class autodetection can be overridden with the config parameter <enableIntegrationTest>true|false|auto</enableIntegrationTest>.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha5

  •  Issue 23 : PlatformTestMojo requires PATH
    • Doesn't expect PATH to be set. Uses tools in the configured sdk instead. (fixed in one more place)

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha4

  •  Issue 21 : Run standalone goals (without pom)
    • It is now possible to run standalone goals (such as android:undeploy-file) directly from commandline, without having a pom with the required config parameter <sdk><path>... in it. It can instead be set on commandline with the -Dandroid.sdk.path parameter.
  • Improved error messages for missing sdk path: added suggestions for configuration options.
  •  Issue 19 : Created DeploymentInstructions wiki page
  •  Issue 16 : Add site, source:jar, javadoc:jar to release configuration

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha3

  •  Issue 1 : Support for Android SDK 1.5!
    • Thank you to Andreas Ronge for the initial patch.
  • No longer requires any magic environment variables!
    • Instead, a mandatory configuration parameter was added:
    •    <artifactId>maven-android-plugin</artifactId>
    • If you want, you can set it using an environment variable, as done in the Samples, for example ${env.MY_ANDROID_SDK_LOCATION}. Then you will have to set that environment variable to the location where you installed Android SDK 1.5r2.
    • You also have the option of setting it in a parent pom instead, with <pluginManagement>. Then you can skip including the <sdk><path> in your project pom altogether!
    • This also means you can use different specific Android SDK's for different projects.
    • This change was made to make the plugin feel like less magic. Now you know that any environment variables you set, are only for yourself. The plugin doesn't read them; it only reads its configuration parameters.
    • This fixes Masa Issue 26, but in this project.
  • Duplicated the sample apidemos application into apidemos-11 with code from the Android SDK 1.1, and apidemos-15 with code from the Android SDK 1.5. They use, and will work with, their corresponding Android SDK. Use apidemos-15 for Android SDK 1.5r2.
  • More and updated documentation, both wiki and in code.
  • More tests in code.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha2

  • Doesn't expect PATH to be set too. Uses ANDROID_SDK/tools instead. (fixed in one more place)
  • Split out samples to a separate git repo.

Maven Android Plugin 2.0.0-alpha1

First release of the new implementation of Maven Android Plugin.

Implemented all changes listed in this email with suggestions sent to the Masa Developers list, except number 11 (done as of 2.0.0-alpha3) and number 12 (ongoing as  Issue 6  here, please give feedback on that).

Some of the details implemented:

  • Collected all plugins into one, for clarity and maintainability.
  • Refactored a lot of code for maintainability and clarity.
  • Separate the act of deploying an apk into a goal of its own (mvn android:deploy). This fixes Masa Issue 20, but in this project.
  • When running the integration-test phase for a <packaging>android:apk:platformTest</packaging> pom, automatically deploy the platform test apk, as well as the apk to test, onto the device before. This fixes Masa Issue 21, but in this project.
  • Optionally undeploy each apk from the device before deploying it. This helps the issue where different developers with different debug keys use the same device and try to install an apk with the same package id. They would collide if the first one is not undeployed before the other is deployed on top of it.
  • Make as much as possible automatically configured, if possible. For example reading the package id from inside an apk file or AndroidManifest.xml (whichever is available), instead of the user having to define it when for example undeploying an apk.
  • Added a sample Maven application (ApiDemos) as an example of using Maven Android Plugin, and as a test for the plugin. This fixes Masa Issue 11, but in this project.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Added unit testing.
  • Added error messages.
  • Updated dependencies' versions.
  • Removed the PAR plugin. It can be added again if requested.
  • Fine-tuned phases and made lifecycle more like the default lifecycle for <packaging>jar</packaging>. This fixes Masa Issue 14, but in this project.
  • Renamed many things to names which say what they do.
  • Renamed install to deploy, because that's what it's usually called in Maven-world, and because install has a very specific (other) meaning.
  • Also delete when deleting
  • Added goals deploy-file and undeploy-file for (un)deploying any separate apk outside of any project.
  • Added goal undeploy-packageName for undeploying an apk from device, if you already know the package name.
  • Config parameter platformtestrunner class can be inferred from AndroidManifest.xml: /manifest//instrumentation/@android:name.
  • Standalone goals should not require a project.
  • Doesn't expect PATH to be set too. Uses ANDROID_SDK/tools instead.
  • Set up release management procedures to enable frequent releases.
  • Started preparing for syncing to Maven Central, so we won't need to specify <pluginRepository> in the pom.xml when it's set up.

About the Maven Android Plugin versions history

Maven Android Plugin was originally based on the Masa plugins 1.0.0. Thank you to Shane Isbell for creating Masa (! Maven Android Plugin 1.x was a direct clone of Masa's trunk. It was meant as an easy way for any current user of Masa 1.0.0 to get access to the latest unreleased bug fixes in Masa's trunk.
Maven Android Plugin 2.x has since been reworked and greatly improved in terms of bugfixing, features and ease-of-use, compared to version 1.
Versions 2.x are recommended for all users.

Maven Android Plugin 1.x release series

Maven Android Plugin 1.0.2

Released by this project (Maven Android Plugin), based on Masa svn revision 63, which includes fixes for the following:

Masa plugins 1.0.0

Released by the Masa project, based on Masa svn revision 56.

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