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Martingale provides a high-level library of cross-platform Pure Data (Pd) abstractions for quickly and easily creating complex real-time instruments and signal processors.

Numerous examples of creating real-time performance instruments are given, employing interfaces built with game pads, iPod/iPad (TouchOSC), and MIDI instruments.

A core-library of tools provides ready-to-play instruments built around a common abstraction of a dual-analog game pad. Any of a number of similar game-pad devices (including the Logitech Dual Action, Logitech ChillStream, and Sony Sixaxis) can be employed with the same instruments, providing uniform access for musicians with diverse platforms and hardware.

Martingale is built upon the cross platform Pd-extended distribution.

As an example of Martingale in performance, listen to a recording of Work III, distributed in whole with, and made entirely with, Martingale:

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