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Real Time Strategy Game Community Project Specification

A lot of this is probably self explanatory as I'm sure many people have been expossed to an RTS. If I miss any key information please let me know.


  • Insert random word here


Visually: SciFi environment. Gameplay: Rectangle grided map were player can interact with units, on the map, to combat other player/teams units.


Before playing the player selects a race and team. Once the game has started the player gets a standand amount of credit/resource for the purpose of building structures and buying units. Players increase their money supply by collecting resource or taking from other players (whether via ally assistance or stealing).

Unique Selling Points:


  • Both 2D and 3D versions for higher distribution.
  • Customize: Maps and Unit Editors.
  • Space and earth combat environments
  • Selective source files for game mode moding.


  • MORPG similar to "DOTA"

Target Audience:

  • Gamers that enjoy a story driven plot, for campaign.
  • PC Gamers, Strategy tends to be best played on computers other than most games that can be played on a console.
  • Casual online gamers, as every game has a definate end.
  • Programmers that would like to apply their own mods.



  • Game, 2D and 3D, openGL.
  • Tools (Map Editor), 2D, software.


  • All runtime game processes will be done seperate from rendering code, To make it easy for the developers to define there own render code weather 2D or 3D


  • Resources will be defined in a map file, and pre-cached before game runtime.


  • Basic TCP for online gaming
  • Possibly UTP broadcast server, if so then a MySQL database for forum/game accounts.


  • Sound fx: openAL ".ogg" files
  • Mouse: not sure, either Song tracks (".ogg") or Time lined samples.

Cut scenes

  • Either: video files/in game
yet I think for this project video files would be good as in game models/sprites will be simple or low poly, therefore not very impressive close up.


  • 3D version will be the "full" version were players can watch cutscenes and play through the main story
  • 2D version will be webstart and/or applet for multiplayer action. I dont think that a strategy would be a good idea for mobile gaming.

Basic Game Class Layout:

Main game classes will have a child class depending on 2D/3D Therefore EntityType will be a perant class of EntityType2D and EntityType3D

Class Map
  GridBlock grid[][] // holds map information attached to each position (ground object/air object/ground height/ground type).
  Tile tile[][] //Tiles objects for rendering
Class EntityType //holds STATIC base information
  EntityType(File scriptFile) // constructor takes a script file of units stats
    int hitPoints
    int movementSpeed
    int damage
    int buildDelay
    int attackDelay
    int attackDistance
    int cost
    int gridWidth, gridHeight //Size on map
  void draw(currentState); //draws resources relative to the currentState
  void update(); //logic update

Class Entity //holds stats relative to EntityType
  EntityType type //holds Entities relavent type
  currentPostion //position for drawing
  currentGridPostion //position for pathing
  getHP() //function that takes type and personal stats into account
  draw() //basically sets the position and then calls EntityType.draw() function

First Target

  • Decide on the game standard file formats (script layout, alias refrence layout ...)
  • Make a software renderd map editor that refrences the standard files.
  • Implement a unit editor that exports to the program file standards.
  • Approach an alpha version of the game using the newly created alpha maps.

Developer Interactions

As the roles for this project are simply to allocate, personally, I dont see the need for any advanced communication setup. I personally think its best if emails of all team members were distrubuted among the team. I wouldn't mind doing the main administration work of following up on people's dead lines/progress. Binary builds would be uploaded to a main demo web site, and basic information about the project will be accessible. I think anything more than a basic forum Thread, and "Release" website will only make for an unproductive environment. If anyone has a better idea, say so, this is something that would be best to finalise at the beginning.

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