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Maps In My Pocket aka MIMP


This application is designed for the Android operating system. The main goal of this application is to allow it's users to view maps, locate themselves, follow KML or GPX formatted tracks and getting directions from place to place.

Source contains only Open Street Maps and no other maps provider for policy reasons. OSM is also the only provider to have tiles cached on SD-Card for the same reason.
SlideMe :

If you have any suggestions or discovered any bug feel free to email me or post it in the Issues section. If you know any Website with GPX/KML track download you might want linked in this application send me their urls and i'll try to contact them to see if they allow me to.


This is how it looks like Tracks Different track colors Bubble Info screen
Preferences OSM with new position Arrow Track Infos Tile Caching

How To Add Tracks

To add tracks you can follow you simply have to create a folder MIMP/Tracks on your sdcard and add all the .Gpx and/or .Kml files you want to follow. NB: the application will create this folder the first time you open the tracks screen for the first time if non existent.


  • Google Maps
  • Google Terrain
  • Google Terrain and Roads
  • Google Aerial
  • Google Aerial and Roads
  • Open Street Map
  • Open Cycle Map
  • Cloud Maps
  • Yahoo Map
  • Yahoo Satellite
  • Yahoo Hybrid
  • Virtual Earth
  • Virtual Earth Sattelite
  • Virtual Earth Terrain
  • Ovi Map


  • Not yet implemented :
    1. Path with waypoints
    2. More translations

Informations Complémentaires

Pour ceux qui voudraient en savoir plus sur le développement de cette application et aussi sur Android en général, voici en lien, un document (.odt et .pdf) qui se rapproche fortement d'un tutoriel et qui prends en charge le développement de cette application :
Tutoriel Android.odt
Tutoriel Android.pdf
Ils seront automatiquement mis a jour à chaque modification du projet (svn).

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