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MakeItSo converts Visual Studio solutions to gcc makefiles for Linux. It will convert all projects in a solution and create a makefile for each one. It also creates a master makefile that will build them in the correct dependency order.

Current version (1.2)

Version 1.2 supports C++ and C# VS 2008 and VS 2010 solutions:

  • C++ projects are converted to gcc builds. Converts executables, static libraries, and DLLs into equivalent gcc makefiles.
  • C# projects are converted to mono builds. Converts executables and libraries (including WinForms executables and WinForms custom controls) into equivalent mono makefiles.

Do you want to make MakeItSo even better?

I am no longer actively enhancing MakeItSo. If you want to become a contributor or the 'owner' of this project, please mail me at richard_s_shepherd{at}

Details and links

Many self-contained solutions can be converted just by running MakeItSo against the solution file. For more complex solutions, you can provide extra information to MakeItSo, for example to replace Windows-specific external libraries with Linux versions.

Quick start

  • Download the latest version of MakeItSo from the featured-downloads link.
  • In Windows: run MakeItSo against a solution file (.sln). It will generate a master makefile called Makefile in the root folder of your solution, and project-specific makefiles in each project folder.
  • In Linux: run make from the solution root folder. The build output will be in a folder structure similar to the Visual Studio output, except that folders are prefixed with 'gcc', for example gccDebug instead of Debug. (C# builds prefix the output folders with 'mono'.)

Running MakeItSo

If MakeItSo is on the path, you can run it from the solution root folder without any parameters:


If MakeItSo is not on the path, or if you want to convert a solution that is in a different folder from the working directory, you can pass MakeItSo the path and name of the solution to convert:

c:\>MakeItSo -file=e:\code\my_solution\my_solution.sln

MakeItSo must be run from Windows, as it uses Visual Studio automation to parse the solution and project files.

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