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Magix Illuminate, Release Candidate version 1 out!

Magix Illuminate is a Web Application Development Framework. You can either develop your extensions in any .Net based language, such as C# or VB.NET, or you can probably largely get away with dragging and dropping Widgets around on your design surface, while attaching Actions logic to them. You can create your own Actions in C# or VB.NET, or consume any of the pre-defined Actions in Magix, such as SendEmail, PlaySound, SaveObject, LoadObject(s), etc, etc, etc. There are many pre-defined Actions in Magix. You could probably entirely create your CRUD apps, such as CRM for instance, entirely without coding at all.

If you choose to code, you'll see a codebase scattered with beautiful design patterns, such as DDD and Active Types Records evolved

Magix is 15% Innovation Architecture and 85% Best Practices from our industry.

With Magix you will become at least 10 times as productive as you were before Magix. Regardless of what you were using before.

In fact, this will be our guarantee to you.

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