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Issue 325: mysterious dashed rectangle
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Reported by odwyerrob, Apr 5, 2011

What steps will reproduce the problem?
I can't reproduce it. It happened when I was exiting Spaces (I think).

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Normal editor display. Instead, there's a small red dashed rectangle in the middle of the screen. It appears in all tabs/buffers. There's no text underneath it in the buffer it first appeared in.

What version of MacVim and OS X are you using (see "MacVim->About MacVim"
and  "Apple Menu->About This Mac" menu items, e.g. "Snapshot 40, 10.5.6

7.3 (55)
10.6.7 Intel

Please provide any additional information below.

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 11.54.44 AM.png
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Apr 5, 2011
Project Member #1
That's weird.  Let me know if you figure out a way to reproduce.  Until then there is nothing I can do.
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