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Key Binding settings for CarFrontEnd and it's plugins
Updated Mar 20, 2008 by iamgnat


As of 1.0a8, CarFrontEnd now allows for binding functionality to key sequences so that users may utilize non-pointing (touch screen/mouse) input devices.

The first section lists all the known key sequences that the user may use and the functionality they provide. The second section provides plugin developers with information on how to use the key binding system.

Available Key Bindings

This section shows what Key Bindings are currently available. This is the only section of this document that users need to be concerned with. The first group are keys that are available regardless of any active plugin. The remaining groups detail the keys that work when a specific plugin is active.


Key Description
Cmd + m Display the System Menu (Hide, Quit, Driver Swap, etc..)
Cmd + h Hide CarFrontEnd
Cmd + q Quit
Cmd + d Swap the driver side
Cmd + 1 Active the plugin in Quick Slot 1
Cmd + 2 Quick Slot 2
Cmd + 3 Quick Slot 3

iTunes Plugin:

Key Description
Shift + Right Arrow Previous Playlist
Return/Enter Select Playlist
Shift + Left Arrow Next Playlist
Shift + Up Arrow Eject Media
Left Arrow Previous Track
Space Play/Pause
Right Arrow Next Track
m/s Change Mix/Shuffle mode
r Change Repeat Mode

Developer's Guide

TBD - User docs were more important.

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