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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated Dec 18, 2010 by

1. My router/VPN/printer/server/etc isn't listed in the LittleBlackBox database. Does this mean I'm safe?

Maybe. Maybe not. If it is not listed in the database then either it doesn't use default SSL keys or we haven't gotten around to adding them yet.

2. My router/VPN/printer/server/etc is listed in the LittleBlackBox database. What do I do?

If you have the ability to change the default SSL certificates, do so immediately. If this is not possible, then treat your HTTPS sessions as if they were un-secure HTTP sessions. It may also be possible to tunnel your connections through another service, such as SSH.

3. How did you get these SSL keys?

By extracting them from the device's firmware.

4. I have a piece of software/firmware/whatever that uses default SSL keys. Can I contribute them to the LittleBlackBox project?

Yes! We will need you to send us a copy of the public certificate and the private key. Additionally, you will need to fill out the submission.txt template (located in the docs directory) with as much information as possible - the more the better. ZIP up these three files and send them to:

5. I have hacked XYZ's server and have their SSL keys. How can I contribute them to the LittleBlackBox project?

You don't. We will not accept illegally obtained SSL keys.

6. Once I have a private key, how do I decrypt and/or man-in-the-middle HTTPS sessions?

7. I've found a bug in the LittleBlackBox utility and/or an invalid entry in the database.

Please report all bugs to the LittleBlackBox Google Code page:

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