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Where to get support and pre-built installations
Updated Mar 19, 2012 by

End Point Corporation

For most of the life of the Liquid Galaxy project, we've outsourced Liquid Galaxy construction and support to the fine folks at End Point, who specialize in Free Software support and consulting.

They can help you build your own system, ship out the frame components described on the MechanicalDesign page, or even build a complete Liquid Galaxy and install it on site.

See End Point's Liquid Galaxy services page for more details.


Tietronix has built and installed numerous Liquid Galaxy and related systems at NASA facilities around the United States, and is actively involved in extending simulation and mission critical application design to embrace the immersive Liquid Galaxy architecture. Tietronix is available to design, build, install, and maintain Liquid Galaxy systems.

For more information, see Tietronix' Liquid Galaxy Services page.


GLGteam can produce and deliver turnkey Liquid Galaxy systems, including construction, installation and configuration. They also provide technical support and upgrades to existing installations across Europe and Asia.

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