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Linuxtrack is a software bringing headtracking to Linux and Mac OS X. For that purpose you can utilize webcam, wiimote or TrackIR 2 to 5.

At the moment, Linuxtrack is available in form of universal package, that should fit most linux distributions and .dmg package for MacOS X (go directly to Downloads page to get the package).

Linuxtrack contains simple interface allowing you to incorporate it into your programs.

Software utilizing linuxtrack include XPlane (via a plugin), FlightGear (ltr_pipe with a nasal script) and Wine games support is support is available too.

Please note that this project is currently in the BETA state. If you find a bug or see a possible improvement, please take a few minutes to file an issue so it can be taken care of.

Improvement ideas can be discussed here.

Check out our Hall of fame for credits to all people helping to make this project better.

Linuxtrack is and will be completely free, but if you want to support it by means of donation, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,



NP announced, that TrackIR5 with serial numbers in range 152000 - 152914 are potentially defective. Please see their forum for details.

Since the revision 445, the format of preferences slightly changed. If you used previous revisions before, start the current ltr_gui and use the Load defauls button to obtain new safe defaults.

Discontinuing support for PowerPC and Mac OS X 10.5 and below

Due to the sudden death of my Mac Mini I had to go for a new machine, that is unable to run MacOS X 10.5 and older. That led me to a decision to drop support for PowerPC architecture, along with 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard) support.

The last version of Linuxtrack, that supports the systems mentioned above will still be available for download (linuxtrack120328.dmg).

Should there be a need to recontinue the support, please file a bug and we can discuss the possible solutions.

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