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likwid-topology is a command line tool for Linux showing the thread, cache and NUMA topology of compute nodes. likwid-topology supports all X86 processors. It extracts information from the cpuid instruction. NUMA information is queried from the Linux sys filesystem.

likwid-topology shows information about:

  • Thread topology: How processor IDs map on physical compute resources
  • Cache topology: How processors share the cache hierarchy
  • Cache properties: Detailed information about all cache levels
  • NUMA topology: NUMA domains and memory sizes

Besides the standard tabular view likwid-topology can also output the node topology in ASCII art, allowing a quick overview. You can find a detailed description of likwid-topology in the WIKI. Outputs for a comprehensive collection of multicore architectures are here.

likwid-topology is part of the likwid tool suite. For practical reasons the source of likwid-topology is only available as part of the suite.

Intel Core2 Quad

Intel Nehalem EX

AMD Magny Cours 8 core

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