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LightingBugAPI is a Java API to access Bugzilla (+3.6) via XMLRPC. It is not intended to be complete, since the XML-RPC-Interface of Bugzilla is constantly being enhanced. But we try to cover the basics here. So this might be a good starting point to integrate Bugzilla into your Java application.

New version has been released!

The 2nd version (current version 4.0.1v20120822 - version number according to the supported bugzilla version plus the build date) of the API has been released. And we have a new logo too :)

What's new?

  • The API as been redesigned. The BugzillaClient is no longer used to query product(s) an bugs. These tasks are now performed by the ProductService and the BugService according to the Bugzilla Web Service.
  • A feature called Local Cache will store the products configuration of a Bugzilla instance on the client. The second attempt to connect the client and query product information will use the locally stored information and significantly speed up the query
  • The creation of bugs has been temporarily disabled an will be supported again in the next version
  • The domain objects Version, TargetMilestone, Component and Severity have been removed. These information are now plain strings (see


  1. First of all download the binary distribution from the download section
  2. Extract the content of the archive (the archive contains the jar with the binary files and a lib folder with the required third party libraries)
  3. Place the LightningBug-API-jar and the required libraries into your classpath
  4. Follow the samples below to connect to Bugzilla and query product information or search for bugs

Code samples

  1. Log in to Bugzilla
  2. Query product(s) configuration
  3. Search for bugs
  4. Get a list of users

Links to other interesting resources

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