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How to provide information to this wiki
Updated Aug 29, 2011 by

Information styleguide

LibGDX features

Pages describing libGDX features in brief should contain the following sections:

  • Introduction (describing the function and mechanism of the feature)
  • Relationships (to other libGDX features)
  • Dependencies (on other libGDX features)
  • Javadoc links (to find more detailed information)
  • Credits (to give credit to people that have contributed text snippets, e.g. from forum)


Tutorials will give a more detailed insight on libGDX features and their interactions. Please enrich tutorials with screencasts, graphics, charts, images etc.


Each libGDX specific (or related) term should be included in the Glossary with one or two descriptive sentences. The term itself should be linked to a subpage containing more detailed information.

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