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This library converts converts PDF file to an image. Supported image formats are PNG and BMP, but you can easily add more.

This library uses poppler-qt4 library with QT frontend. Basically it's managed C++ wrapper over limited subpart of poppler-qt4 functionality.

Usage example:

using (FileStream file = File.OpenRead(@"..\path\to\pdf\file.pdf")) // in file
    var bytes = new byte[file.Length];
    file.Read(bytes, 0, bytes.Length);
    using (var pdf = new LibPdf(bytes))
        byte[] pngBytes = pdf.GetImage(0,ImageType.PNG); // image type
        using (var outFile = File.Create(@"..\path\to\pdf\file.png")) // out file
            outFile.Write(pngBytes, 0, pngBytes.Length);

Installation and configuration

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