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Download: LevelDB 1.5.0
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Released: May 30, 2012
Uploaded:  May 30, 2012
Downloads: 5466

Download  leveldb-1.5.0.tar.gz   194 KB
Avoid static initializer by using a new portability interface for
thread-safe lazy initialization.  Custom ports will need to be
extended to implement InitOnce/OnceType/LEVELDB_ONCE_INIT.

Fix endian-ness detection (fixes Powerpc builds).

Build related fixes:
- Support platforms that have unversioned shared libraries.
- Fix IOS build rules.

Android improvements
- Speed up atomic pointers
- Share more code with port_posix.

Do not spin in a tight loop attempting compactions if the file system
is inaccessible (e.g., if kerberos tickets have expired or if it is out
of space).
SHA1 Checksum: b5b45ff74065f242c37f465b13dafb925972ca43 What's this?

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