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Please leave feedback as comments here
Updated Jul 7, 2012 by

Please leave feedback as comments here!

Comment by, Mar 24, 2012

Before I begin let me thank you for the great work you are doing in keeping Webkit alive on Leopard PPC. I really appreciate what you are doing.

I'm currently using build 536.3.1 on a 1.25 GHz eMac. It is a lot more unstable than previous builds. I see spinning beachballs followed by a crash every few minutes. I think I'm also experiencing  issue 2 , since I can't log in to my Macrumors account using Webkit. Another problem is with Youtube. The "show more" button doesn't work (this doesn't happen with regular Safari).

A suggestion, if I may. It would be great to have a development blog, something similar to what Cameron Kaiser is doing with TenFourFox?. It would give us a better understanding of where the project is going, and it would also improve feedback.

One last question. Will we ever see processor optimised builds?

Comment by project member, Apr 1, 2012

Thanks for your feedback! The most frequent crash issue should have been fixed now - although there's another one that might be fixed once I get 536.5.1 to link WebCore? (32 bit address space gets exhausted when linking it - same goes for Apples 32 bit Windows builds). The crashes occur in places that are only used when the JavaScript? is executed in the interpreter (no JIT) which is a code path that isn't tested as well as the JIT code paths, so I think that's the reason the don't get fixed by the WebKit? developers. Until now I used the "Project Home" to inform about anything that's going on. This here and "Issues" provide enough place for feedback I think. (If I wrote a development blog myself it would never be half as interesting to read as Cameron's. ;-))

Comment by project member, Apr 1, 2012

Oh, there won't be processor optimized builds done by me. If there's anybody willing to do so I'll provide him anything he needs.

Comment by project member, Apr 18, 2012

I'd like at some point to do WebKit?-7450. Maybe before Aurora-7450.

What can I say Tobias, it's the greatest Leopard PPC multimedia web browser.

Comment by, May 24, 2012

Great work! Why don't make a universal application for both PowerPC and Intel? Even on Intel Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't support the nightly builds from Apple. And running it on Rosetta is not an ideal solution since YouTube? HTML5 videos are lagging very badly.

Comment by project member, May 26, 2012

I surely could build for Intel CPUs as well but that would double the time needed to get it built - and my build machine isn't very fast. However I'll give that a try when Safari 5.2 is released. Since I can't test an Intel build (I don't have any Intel Mac) I won't do any nightly builds.

Comment by project member, Jun 13, 2012
Oh, there won't be processor optimized builds done by me. If there's anybody willing to do so I'll provide him anything he needs.

I've got a G5 iMac, a dual G4e PowerMac?, and some knowledge, so I suppose I could do that, if you give me a quick summary of what exactly I need to do. If you're interested, don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Comment by project member, Jun 14, 2012
I've got a G5 iMac, a dual G4e PowerMac??, and some knowledge, so I suppose I could do that, if you give me a quick summary of what exactly I need to do. If you're interested, don't hesitate to drop me an email.

That's great news! Go ahead installing the build requirements listed on the summary page. That will take some time. Also have a look at the WebKit home page in order to know what else you might need to install and on how to get the code.

Comment by project member, Jun 16, 2012

AuroraFox? is also looking for a dedicated G5 builder!

Comment by, Jul 8, 2012

uninstaller in WebKit?-536.25_2-Leopard-PowerPC.dmg

20,21c20,21 < sudo rm -r /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptGlue?.framework < sudo mv /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptGlue?.framework.bak.lepwk/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptGlue?.framework --- > sudo rm -r /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks?/JavaScriptGlue?.framework > sudo mv /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks?/JavaScriptGlue?.framework.bak.lepwk/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks?/JavaScriptGlue?.framework


Comment by project member, Jul 8, 2012

Thanks, I replaced WebKit?-536.25_2-Leopard-PowerPC.dmg with a corrected version.

Comment by, Aug 2, 2012

WebKit?-537.1-Leopard.dmg MacOSX 10.5.8 + PowerPC G5 1.6GHz Safari Extensions: OFF


very slow. ...Freeze!? Animated GIF is Cause?

Safari Extensions ON + Deanimator: no improvement.

TenFourFox?(14.0): OK

Comment by project member, Aug 2, 2012

@murabito.lv5 This seems to be an issue because of the number of GIFs. It is hanging in the GIF decoder which is not WebKit? code.

Comment by, Aug 5, 2012
MacOSX10.5.8 + G5

Google Search and Google Translator. (all Google service?)

Google Search: display sometimes does not complete. Can view in the reloading.
Google Translator: translation does not work.

OK: WebKit-536.25_2-Leopard-PowerPC
OK: WebKit-537.1-Leopard-PowerPC

NG: WebKit-537.1-Leopard
NG: WebKit-537.2-Leopard
Comment by project member, Aug 6, 2012

Well, WebKit? nightlies (536.2x aren't nightlies) are work in progress and will always break certain things. Interesting that it works with the PPC-only 537.1 but not with the universal one. I'll check that.

Comment by project member, Aug 6, 2012

Translator does work for me using 537.2 . Audio output doesn't work in 537.2 and 537.1-PowerPC . Did you refer to Audio output?

Comment by, Aug 6, 2012
Audio output does work in
  Safari 5.0.6 (system default webkit)
  Stainless (system default webkit)

Audio output doesn't work in

does not display "Detect language","Listen".
Comment by project member, Aug 6, 2012

Here I don't see any differences in Google Translator between 536.25_2 and 537.2. But Google detects that I'm from Germany and so I get a German version of that site. Translation works well for different languages as well as language detection. But I don't get any audio output in any version.

Comment by, Aug 6, 2012

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page of search results Google. You can use that language if you choose the language from the language of the search settings page. Display settings are saved for each domain.

I am Japanese. I usually used in Japanese ( Confirm the operation was done in the English page (

Comment by project member, Aug 6, 2012

That wheel doesn't exist anymore for a few days (weeks) now on the search page; I've got to go to iGoogle ( to have it appear. Changing the language doesn't change behaviour though. Everything (except for audio output) working on, and .

Comment by, Aug 9, 2012

I was wondering if there is a way to improve webkit behaviour with animated GIFs. Using Deanimator helps a lot, but it's a less than ideal solution. If I remember correctly the problem was solved years ago in Snow Leopard (or do Intel macs muscle their way through the GIF quagmire?), but Leopard was left behind.

And just another thing. Any news about processor optimized builds?

Thanks again for your time and for your great work.

Comment by project member, Aug 9, 2012

The latest builds are actually processor-optimized for G4, G5 and Intel:

Comment by, Aug 9, 2012

That's great! Thanks!

Comment by, Aug 9, 2012

Do you still need a build machine? I have a G5 Xserve in a datacenter sitting idle.

Comment by project member, Aug 10, 2012

Next build will have a fix for animated GIFs - it's already working here on my 1.5 GHz G4.

Comment by, Aug 10, 2012

Not only you solved a problem that has been plaguing PPC Safari users for years (I think it started with Safari 3, I don't rember having problems with GIFs in my Panther days), but you were also extrimely quick :-) Man, that's awesome! Thank you!

Comment by, Aug 10, 2012

I'm having problems with Reader in build 537.3. If I click on its Icon, Reader does not show up, then scroll bars become unusable. See for example This doesn't happen in regular Safari.

Comment by project member, Aug 11, 2012

Support for Safari 5.0 Reader seems to have been removed recently by the following changeset: I'll try to restore it - but I can't promise that it will ever work again.

Comment by project member, Aug 12, 2012

537.5 will come with Safari Reader restored.

Comment by project member, Aug 27, 2012

For everyone who is following this:

  • Safari Reader is restored and working for now - but might break again at some point in the future.
  • Animated GIFs should not cause hangs anymore
  • To view your desired animated GIFs as a smooth animation you can right click them and enable "Image Frame Caching" for each of them individually ( is great for testing this)

Comment by, Aug 31, 2012

wow. What a great speed-up to the stock Safari, in Leopard. Thank you!!!!!!!

Comment by project member, Aug 31, 2012

The WebKit? team is indeed doing a good job - and there are quite a lot of people working on it. Do you (dantearmok) use leopard webkit on Intel or PowerPC?

Comment by Steven.Jay.Cohen, Sep 4, 2012

Does the built in Check for WebKit? Updates... see updates from this site?

Comment by project member, Sep 4, 2012

No, unfortunately it doesn't. If someone would like to look into a way of getting this working you're welcome.

Comment by, Sep 5, 2012

Tobias, I'm on a ppc - a stock QuickSilver? (2002). Just recently updated it from Tiger to Leo. Usta use the WebKit? builds. Nice to be back on the new builds!

Comment by, Sep 8, 2012

Thanks for continuing to develop for the ppc architecture. I installed your webkit and it seems to be working ok. The only problem that I have encountered is that now Apple Software Update application crashes. Its not like Apple is supporting us, but I just wanted to let you know. Our machine is a 2004 imac 20" 1.8 with 2gig Ram.

Comment by, Sep 8, 2012

Leopard and safari hung - was force to reboot. It happened while my snows trying to go to the following site - - I uninstalled the webkit until a fix is built. Keep the good work.

Comment by project member, Sep 9, 2012

Just in case it isn't clear: you don't need to install it to use it in Safari. Installing is an experimental option.

Comment by, Sep 20, 2012

As per above, Software Update crashes for me, as well with v537.9.1.

Crash Report below.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Process: Software Update 332? Path: /System/Library/CoreServices?/Software Update Identifier: Version: ??? (???) Build Info: SoftwareUpdate?-1820000~5 Code Type: PPC (Native) Parent Process: launchd 90?

Interval Since Last Report: 26671 sec Crashes Since Last Report: 12 Per-App Interval Since Last Report: 0 sec Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 12

Date/Time: 2012-09-20 18:35:10.737 -0400 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L30) Report Version: 6 Anonymous UUID: redacted?

Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x000000008fe0105c Crashed Thread: 0

Dyld Error Message:

Symbol not found: ZN3JSC12JSGlobalThis13visitChildrenEPNS_6JSCellERNS_11SlotVisitorE Referenced from: /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit?.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebCore?.framework/Versions/A/WebCore? Expected in: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks?/JavaScriptGlue?.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/JavaScriptCore?.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptCore?

Comment by project member, Sep 20, 2012

JavaScriptGlue? is broken since 537.8. For the moment, you can still use WebKit?.app without installing it, though.

Comment by, Sep 24, 2012

Charts in Google Analytics not displaying correctly. Receive the following error:

"'undefined' is not a function (evaluating ',b,c)')"

Comment by project member, Sep 24, 2012

As far as I could test Google Analytics working here in 536.26.14 and in 537.11 (unreleased).

Comment by, Sep 24, 2012

I'd love to use Leopard Webkit on my G5 quad, but every time I install and try it I find the default Apple Installer will no longer let me install any packages. ie: I just tried to install Quicktime 7.7 and iTunes 10.3 and in each case the install will start and then immediately close. As soon as I uninstall Leo Webkit I can then install both apps no problem.

Comment by project member, Sep 24, 2012

Installing is an experimental option that is broken since 537.8 . Just use the supplied WebKit? executable to have Safari use Leopard WebKit? instead of the system installed version.

Comment by, Sep 30, 2012

Not directly related to Leopard-Webkit, but maybe you can find this interesting. Stainless is becoming an open source browser. See At the moment they are searching for developers. Stainless can use Leopard Webkit by simply enabling "Load frameworks from WebKit? nightly build" in Preferences -> Advanced. This could be a chance to keep this interesting browser on PPC. Also, this could be a way to have a 64 bit browser for G5s

Comment by project member, Oct 1, 2012

Thanks for the info! Please note that 64 bit builds will NOT result in better speed on the PowerPC architecture.

By the way, if you know of some experienced developer to help in getting WebKit?'s new JavaScript? interpreter working...

Comment by, Oct 2, 2012

Unfortunately I can't help you with that. The only thing I can do is spreading the word. I posted a request for help on Macrumors, let's hope it can lead to something useful.

Comment by jerzyglowacki, Oct 8, 2012

Thanks for the effort in bringing the latest HTML5 to PowerPC! It works slightly faster than the stock Safari 5.0.6, but there are some cons: - webGL doesn't work on Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, all I see is a blank area (yes, webGL was enabled using defaults) - right click on some selected text doesn't show "Search with Google", but only "Speech" menu Any chances to fix them?

Comment by project member, Oct 8, 2012

Thanks for the bug report - I didn't notice that yet. I recommend you to use the latest 536 version as that is supposed to be more stable than the 537 series - and the context menu is working as expected in 536. WebGL is working to some extent here using a Radeon x600 (equal to Radeon 9550/9600/9800). There's very little working on a GeForce? FX 5200 here. I don't know whether there are any graphics chips that work really well with WebGL in OS X 10.5.8 .

Comment by, Nov 25, 2012

I have a question regarding the way Leopard Webkit interacts with ClickToPlugin?. On intel macs the CTP source selector shows flv sources while on powerpc only mp4 sources are shown. This happens even if Perian is installed and QuickTime? is able to play flv files. On older hardware the ability to access 240p content could be very useful, so I emailed Marc Hoyois to ask him if this feature could be implemented on PPC macs. This is what he told me:

"Safari maintains its own database of video formats that it thinks it can play, and the extension simply uses this data (which is really the only data it can use: the extension cannot know whether Perian is actually installed or not). So, for whatever reason, your Safari on PowerPC cannot play (or at least thinks it cannot) FLV video even with Perian. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about that."

I was wondering if flv playback could be enabled in Leopard Webkit. This would be another extremely useful enhancement.

I would also like to ask how the work on the new javascript interpreter is proceeding. I understand it must require an enormous effort, but I hope we will see new builds in the future. It would be terrible to loose Leopard Webkit as an actively developed project.

Comment by, Dec 14, 2012

Using WebKit?-536.26.14-Leopard-PowerPC on a G5 w/10.5.8 I can't use Google News webpage, all the links open a tab that says "Redirect Notice" and some error message. When I uninstalled Webkit-536.26.14 the Google News behavior went back to normal again.

Comment by project member, Dec 15, 2012

Working well here on a G4. Will test on a G5 later.

Comment by project member, Dec 15, 2012

Indeed seems to be a problem of the G5 optimized version. The compiler seems to generate wrong code when optimizing for the G5. In case this proves to be the case there won't be any further G5 optimized version but one single version with balanced optimization.

Comment by project member, Dec 28, 2012

With 536.28.8 the problems G5 users have been having mainly with Google sites are fixed.

Comment by project member, Dec 28, 2012

Google Translator audio output doesn't work but that isn't a G5 only problem.

Comment by project member, Dec 28, 2012

For the Google Translator problem see  issue 43 .

Comment by, Jan 8, 2013

Is it possible to use tenfourkit in browsers besides the supplied app by replacing the systemwide Webkit? I know of a few lightning fast browsers that I believe use the systemwide Webkit and would love to be able to have them run on an updated backend.

Comment by project member, Jan 9, 2013

I uploaded installation and uninstallation script files to the tenfourkit project download page.

Comment by, Feb 15, 2013

God bless you for making this. Seriously. My Quad G5 has been choking on the web for forever using Safari 5.0.6. I know about Tenfourfox, etc. but I like Safari. I discovered Leopard WebKit? this morning and OMG, the difference is night and day, especially when I'm using Google+.

Safari now feels just as snappy on my PowerMac? G5 as Safari 6 on my MacBook? Pro does. THANK YOU! Please keep up the good work!

Comment by project member, Feb 15, 2013

@ CaptFrost7?: Keep in mind that the JavaScript? JIT compiler is not (yet) finished for PowerPC CPUs. The web seems to make more and more use of JavaScript?, including most (all?) Google services, Facebook and Twitter. With some help of experienced developers the JIT compiler might be implemented and provide a huge speed boost.

Comment by, Feb 15, 2013

A minor annoyance in the HTML5 player in version 537.30_2. If you go fullscreen the button to return to normal view is in the wrong place (it is still functional, though).

Comment by, Feb 19, 2013

Just downloaded and tried the latest version, including enabling advanced features. As soon as I did that, my VLC (Version 2.0.5 Twoflower (PowerPC 32bit)) and uTorrent (Version 1.6.5 (27624)) applications stopped functioning. Reset advanced features to defaults and then uninstalled Leopard Webkit, logged out, logged back in and both applications instantly became accessible again.

Disappointed considering I was really looking forward to using this program. :(

Comment by project member, Feb 20, 2013

@jsullivan2112: You don't need to install Leopard WebKit? in order to use it for web browsing; just use the WebKit? application. No problems using VLC 2.0.5 and uTorrent 1.6.5 here while having WebKit? 537.31.1 installed. Didn't you get any error messages upon launching those applications? Did Safari work after installing WebKit??

Comment by, Apr 17, 2013

Hey Tobias KUDOS to all your work!

I'm on a Mac PowerBook? 1.67 GHz, PPC G4 using OS 10.5.8 (Leopard). (Digressing a bit here first, which may be useful to some of you out there: I was running Tiger for the longest time as my Apple Software update kept telling me I couldn't upgrade to Leopard. All install discs distributed out there all were eventually all geared for Intel-based Macs as well. I recently found I could load a Leopard 10.5.8 .dmg file on a 8gb Flash drive and then boot from it in my PowerBook? OpenFirmware? by holding down the keys Apple / Alt / O / F. Something like a terminal comes up and I had to manually find the file path to my flash drive though various commands, then execute a command to boot from the flash drive. PRESTO! I eventually got it to work! Best instructions here:

Anywho .. now that I have Leopard 10.5.8 I'm trying to optimize all my software, but I will eventually buy a 2013 Mac later this year though. I'm a web designer and use Pinterest boards a lot for clients for design ideas. Pinterest recently upgraded their site to a new look which unfortunately disabled at least one feature in my Safari - Version 5.0.6 (5533.22.3) - it can't view all the pins as I scroll down, only a certain amount will load.

I tried YOUR version of Safari - WebKit?-536.28.8-Leopard-PowerPC.dmg - and EUREKA my Pinterest functionality came back. SO whatever you're doing, KEEP DOING IT!

One other note .. I'm running your Safari from the opened volume Webkit on my desktop because the install file inside it that Terminal opens has nothing in it .. I can't run the install script that is. However, the very first time I opened it, Terminal showed the install file as it should be shown (I saw all the instructions, etc), and I tried entering my password as I was prompted by to no avail. So I'm just wondering what to do. Can I just drag the application 'Webkit' from the volume into my applications folder, or is this not enough to fully install it?

Keep up the great work.


Comment by project member, Apr 17, 2013

@ilyrae Yes, you can simply copy the app to your Applications folder. The install scripts are there in case you want to use the new WebKit? version for all the other apps that are linked to use your system's default WebKit?. Installing is still experimental anyway.

Comment by, Apr 17, 2013

Thanks ;).

Quick update .. I restarted my computer and the install file fixed itself, whew. I ran the script and installed Webkit, tested it on Pinterest and everything is AOK.

Comment by, Apr 17, 2013

One more question, I ran the 'enable advanced features' script in Terminal and it didn't ask for a password, just seemed to run it and intstall it. I ran it twice actually .. is that ok? This is what Terminal said in the second run:

Last login: Wed Apr 17 08:23:39 on ttys000 hellothere:~ hellothere$ /Volumes/WebKit?/enable\ advanced\ features.command ; exit; logout


So these advanced features are installed then according to the above notation?

If possible could you elaborate a bit on what the Readme file meant when it said: "Enables all graphics acceleration features, HTML5 full screen support, WebGL and WebAudio?" or at least point me to a documentation link? I'd be most interested in the YouTube? and HTML5 'full screen support' part ;)


Comment by project member, Apr 17, 2013

That's okay, enabling or disabling advanced features doesn't require a password. The advanced features should be enabled if you ran the script (you can check in ~/Library/Preferences/ HTML5 fullscreen support means that when you're watching an HTML5 video, for example on YouTube?, if you click the fullscreen button, the video will actually go fullscreen, instead of just being "full-window". The graphics acceleration features should make rendering web pages faster, at least on some graphics cards. WebGL and WebAudio? are APIs for interactive graphics and sound in HTML5 pages.

Comment by, May 2, 2013

Is there any way to get this working on Snow Leopard? I find it very frustrating that I can no longer use WebKit? on my Intel Mac Pro but people still using an old PowerPC G4 can… Something is not right here!

Comment by project member, May 2, 2013

It might be possible to build a Snow Leopard WebKit? from unmodified WebKit? sources, as Snow Leopard support hasn't been removed until now, as far as I know. I can help you to try this yourself.

Comment by, May 15, 2013

Instead of using the install shell script, I've found you can set the DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH envireonment variable to point to Webkit by using an environment.plist in ~\.MacOSX\ . You have to make the directory but all my Fluid apps now run using leopard Webkit unstable branch, and other apps like software update, and textwrangler don't crash. Here is a copy of my environment.plist.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist version="1.0"> <dict>

<key>DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH</key> <string>/Applications/WebKit?.app/Contents/Frameworks/10.5/</string>
</dict> </plist>

To reverse, just delete the file and reboot.

Comment by project member, May 16, 2013

Thanks for the tip. The WebKit?.app does also set the same variable and for debugging WebKit? it is also used. Seems indeed nicer than overwriting the system frameworks although it would be loaded a little bit slower because the system frameworks are cached.

Comment by project member, May 18, 2013

Stainless source code is now available under an open source license. That means building a 64 bit web browser (for G5 machines) is now possible (Well, Sunrise sources are available, too, but 10.5 is unsupported in the latest versions).

I tried it out and it does indeed work (although I had to work around some small problems because it was meant to be built using XCode 3.2 (OS X 10.6) or later)!

Currently there are some JavaScriptCore?? issues to resolve which affect both 32 bit and 64 bit builds.

Comment by project member, May 29, 2013

A PowerPC 64 bit debug build was significantly slower than a 32 bit G4 optimized one, as expected. So I think a PowerPC 64 bit doesn't make sense.

I'm currently trying to do a 10.6 debug build (running 10.5). It seems to work now but WebKit? 2 (that's what Safari 5.1 and later use) would require quite some work which I'm not willing to do without the possibility of testing. That would mean that a Snow Leopard WebKit? would work for Safari until 5.0.x or alternative WebKit? based browsers (like Stainless, iCab or Sunrise for example) only.

Furthermore a potential Snow Leopard WebKit? would be 32 bit only since all 64 bit Intel Macs can at least run 10.7 .

Please let me know if there is continued interest in a 10.6 compatible version, that means 32 bit and Safari 5.0.x only.

Comment by, May 29, 2013

Have you tried LLVM 3.3 (which has new PPC support from IBM) or GCC 4.7.3/4.8? I'm wondering if you would get more performance in either TenFourFox? or leopard-webkit. Thanks.

Comment by project member, May 30, 2013

Well, I once tried gcc 4.7 but gcc's Objective-C/C++ support (OS X compatible since 4.6) is incomplete, sometimes buggy - and nobody seems to be working on it. It works for the mozilla codebase but WebKit? uses way more Objective-C/C++.

Clang would be the only option - but they are still working hard on completing and improving the PPC support. Clang/LLVM on PPC OS X status is being tracked here: .

Comment by project member, May 30, 2013

Beginning with 537.43.3 building WebKit? 1 for 10.6 is possible (WebKit? 2, which is needed for Safari 5.1, isn't supported). See the build instructions if you'd like to give it a try.

Comment by, Jun 8, 2013

Like many here, I am immensely grateful that someone is still building WebKit? for the PPC platform, however its launch time is excessive compared to the original Safari, and I was wondering if there is anything that can be done about this, such as launching components only upon need.

Comment by project member, Jun 9, 2013

Launching it directly from the downloaded disk image will take quite some time as it's bzip2 compressed. Copied the WebKit?.app to the hard disk and launching that is much faster but depending on the machine used might take some 20 seconds. Installed using the install script and launching Safari, Roccat or iCab is at least as fast as the original Safari here on my two machines.

Comment by, Jun 16, 2013

It is not possible to find in page.

G5 + Leopard + WebKit?-537.45-Leopard (r151538)

Comment by, Jul 7, 2013

I tried the new iWork for iCloud beta in Leopard Webkit powered Safari, and I can report that it works well. It is a bit slow on my 1.25 GHz eMac, but it's usable. You can access it from using the Apple ID associated with a Registered Apple Developer account.

Comment by, Jul 8, 2013

First of all: THANKS!!

Just a question: I've modifed my "" for Safari (this allows new "safe" exstension to be auto-opened after download). Webkit seems to ignore this file: should I reaname it? How?

thanks again!

Comment by, Aug 1, 2013

Congratulations on your work on YARR JIT. On my 1.25 GHz eMac Leopard Webkit went from 8135 ms (537.46) to 6152 ms (537.54) in Sunspider, and from 245 (537.46) to 297 (537.54) in Peacekeeper. That's a spectacular improvement. Is YARR JIT only the first step? Will we see further improvements in this area?

Comment by project member, Aug 1, 2013

Implementing more and more of the JavaScriptCore? JIT backends is one goal of this project indeed - but not the primary one. The JIT backends are native LLInt (not really a JIT but a fast interpreter), baseline JIT (the original Squirrelfish Extreme), DFG JIT and the upcoming FTL JIT. Next step would be baseline JIT, provided it doesn't require native LLInt.

Comment by, Aug 14, 2013

Thank you Thank you for this.

Comment by, Aug 25, 2013

Display an animated GIF is very slow.


MacOSX10.5.8, G5/1.6GHz, WebKit?-537.61-Leopard-PowerPC (r154431)

"enable advanced features" Script is executed.

Comment by project member, Aug 26, 2013

@murabito.lv5 Animated GIFs with a decoded size of more than 5 MB (the one you posted is approximately 10 MB) are not cached and every frame has to be decoded again and again. That's a security measure so that animated GIFs cannot be easily used to exhaust your RAM and render your computer unusable. For some releases there used to be a context menu option to enable frame caching for individual animated GIFs, but that caused some problems with other context menu items so I removed it. Maybe I could find a better way of adding that context menu item.

Comment by, Aug 26, 2013

It is completely outside of the scope of this project, but I wonder if an extension could be the answer. I often find myself opening large animated gifs in Quicktime, which most of the time does an excellent job with them. Now, I don't know if it is possible at all to do so using the Safari extension mechanism, but I wonder if animated gifs (or at least the ones above a certain dimension) could be blocked, replaced with a placeholder and, on request, opened in QuickTime?. In a way it would be like a merge of Deanimator and ClickToPlugin?.

Comment by project member, Aug 31, 2013

537.65_2 brings back the context menu item to enable frame caching for animated GIFs. But in order to not break Safari's context menus it was added the correct way, resulting in this feature not being available in Safari because Safari constructs it's own context menu. Other browsers like Roccat or Sunrise do offer this context menu item for animated GIFs with a decoded size of more than 5 MB. In user interface languages other than english the item will probably be named something like "localized string not found".

Comment by, Sep 1, 2013

Do not be to the initial value "Image Frame Caching = true" in the "defaults" command?

Or, the limit of 5MB, for example, such as relaxed to 20MB.

Comment by project member, Sep 6, 2013

From 537.69 on you can enable "Image Frame Caching" using

defaults write WebKitAllowLargeAnimatedImageFrameCachingPreferenceKey -bool YES

But I found that for very large animated GIFs cached decoded frames may be deleted by the garbage collector if decoding all frames takes very much time.

Comment by, Oct 12, 2013

WebKit?-538.1.2-Leopard-PowerPC (r156875) + "HoverZoom? 1.5". Image does not appear even if I put a link the mouse cursor. Gear loading only keep around.

Comment by, Oct 20, 2013

Apple released a safari 5.0.6 update today which has broken webkit completely, with webkit installed nothing else works. Sorry I cant be more specific other than it claimed to be a java fix

Comment by project member, Oct 20, 2013

Well, after installing Leopard WebKit? (which is an experimental option and absolutely not required in order to use it -> read the ReadMe?), Apple Software Update will try to make you install Safari 5.0.6 again.

Until now I didn't notice that doing so might brake something - but you should definitely ignore the Safari 5.0.6 update after installing Leopard WebKit? system wide.

Comment by, Oct 21, 2013

yeah i wish i'd RTFM before accepting the apple update, my powerbook was so much better with the webkit version installed.

Comment by, Oct 24, 2013

HTML5 Video control bar

WebKit?-538.1.2-Leopard-PowerPC (r156875)

(30sec roll back)(play)(play time)(time line)(-play time)(sound volume)(full screen)

WebKit?-538.2.1-Leopard-PowerPC (r157578)

(30sec roll back)(play) (((video title))) (play time)(time line)(-play time)(full screen)

Is this a specification?

Comment by project member, Oct 24, 2013

Apply changed to have the HTML5 video control bar drawn by platform independent JavaScript?/CSS code now, which is good for us since we were already using retained code that had been removed from official WebKit? already.

Comment by project member, Oct 24, 2013

Well, I meant "Apple" instead of "Apply".

Comment by, Oct 27, 2013

Wonderful project; was just wondering why the launch times had got so high (relative to the original Safari).

Comment by, Nov 6, 2013

In the release notes for version 538.3 I see a reference to system wide installation. Is installing Leopard Webkit as system default now safe for series 538 ?

Comment by project member, Nov 11, 2013

@ anwar.shiekh: Launch times aren't high on my two machines - Make sure you don't launch WebKit? from the disk image but copy it to your applications folder instead.

@mclcmm: Installing system wide is safe but the Installer and Software Update will crash when you try to launch them - I don't really use those any more, since there won't be any further updates from Apple and I don't install any new applications any more. I always have Leopard WebKit? installed system wide.

Comment by, Nov 12, 2013

Great work!

I'm having an issue with the current unstable build 538.3. When I start leopard-webkit I can open new tabs, but once some minutes have passed, I'm unable to open new ones. The event log:

12/11/13 21:18:25 Safari377? WebKit? r157905 initialized. 12/11/13 21:18:26 Safari377? WebKit? Threading Violation - Cocoa didn't know we're multithreaded. 12/11/13 21:18:26 Safari377? WebKit? Threading Violation - Cocoa didn't know we're multithreaded. 12/11/13 21:19:15 Safari377? WebKit? discarding exception: <NSRangeException> -objectAtIndex:?: index (0) beyond bounds (0) 12/11/13 21:19:15 Safari377? WebKit? discarding exception: <NSRangeException> -objectAtIndex:?: index (0) beyond bounds (0) 12/11/13 21:25:13 Safari377? -objectAtIndex:?: index (0) beyond bounds (0) 12/11/13 21:25:13 Safari377? -objectAtIndex:?: index (0) beyond bounds (0)

The last message repeats as I try to open new windows or tabs


Comment by project member, Nov 12, 2013

@carferse: no such problem on my two machines over here - but does your log indeed show those messages twice? If yes, then the cause for that is probably also the cause for your problem.

Comment by, Nov 12, 2013

It is strange. When I install version 537.69 it did not have the same behavior. I will double check if I screwed up something else.

The messages apears in version 538.3 every time a open a new window or tab

So this is a click to open a new tab

12/11/13 23:36:25 Safari640? -objectAtIndex:?: index (0) beyond bounds (0)

And this is another click

12/11/13 23:36:35 Safari640? -objectAtIndex:?: index (0) beyond bounds (0)

Comment by, Nov 15, 2013

G5 + MacOSX 10.5.8 + WebKit?-538.5-Leopard-PowerPC (r158825), Safari Extension OFF.


Comment by project member, Nov 15, 2013

@murabito.lv5: That page is using the brand new freshly implemented Web Crypto API - no wonder it doesn't work that good yet.

Comment by project member, Nov 16, 2013

@murabito.lv5: That page isn't using Web Crypto but the debugger didn't get the stack trace of the release build right for some reason. The problem was because of some special unicode character - maybe 10.5 handles such characters differently than later versions. The bug is fixed in 538.5_2 - at least the page you mentioned does load and render well now, although I don't have any idea whether the fonts are rendered correctly.

538.5_2 also fixes a bug I accidentally introduced with 538.1 which led to a constantly growing web page history cache - the content of new tabs and windows was added to the cache but never removed until quitting the whole application. So 538.5_2 should be far less memory consuming when surfing the web much without restarting the browser.

Comment by, Nov 23, 2013


Try with this build

notice the messed up text

Comment by, Nov 24, 2013

Hi, thank you for your great work! I appreciate your efforts and regularly download the latest version. But the version WebKit??-538.5_4-Leopard-PowerPC.dmg and now WebKit??-537.73.13-Leopard.dmg gave me a messed up text on at least one site : please have a look at

Comment by project member, Nov 29, 2013

@murabito.lv5, anwar.shiekh and rtamburo: 537.73.13_2 has a better fix for murabito.lv5's problems, which should not affect anwar.shiekh and rtamburo any more.

Comment by, Dec 4, 2013

Just simply wanted to say thank you :) Downloaded and installed the latest Version of Webkit for PPC.

Runs smoother than the oroginal Safari for 10.5.8. My machine: PowerMac? G5, Dual 1,8Ghz, 4gb Ram.

Thanks and keep on the great work!

Comment by, Dec 14, 2013

Hi Tobias, great work on this.

I'm wanting to do some processor optimized builds, is there any documentation you can help me out with? Cheers.

Comment by project member, Dec 14, 2013

@Lewis: the BuildInstructions wiki page has detailed instructions on how to build. Builds released here are optimized individually for G5, G4 7450 and i386; only G4 7400 CPUs don't receive special optimizations but I don't think the G4 7450 build runs noticeably slower than a special G4 7400 build would.

Comment by katawentos, Dec 25, 2013

Hey, just awesome, thank you for this!

WEB KIT 537.74.3 //// OSX-10.5.8 G5PowerPC 4x2.5Ghz 8GB DDR2 SDRAM ////

Cheers, -KV

Comment by, Dec 28, 2013

Tobias, Thanks! This is the best browser for PPC... TenFourFox? isn't far behind. Appreciate your work on both.

FYI latest unstable version 538.5_4 repeatedly crashes on a G5 on the "Apple Support" page with this message in the log.

Thread 0 Crashed: 0 0x02ff90d0 WebCore?::TileController?::setTilesOpaque(bool) + 32

had similar crashes at "" with this error

0 0x02ff7ae0 WebCore?::TileController?::setNeedsRevalidateTiles() + 0

Stable version does fine, Hope this helps.

Comment by, Jan 4, 2014

WebKit?-537.74.4-Leopard, Mac OS X 10.5.8 (fully updated), on m'QuickSilver? 2002...

I'm seeing the font problem (messed up text) in this release, as well as previous and the 538. Most frequently it bolluxes up the fonts when I view things like Dropbox's forums. When it has the problem, I see messages like this in console: Jan 4 11:32:15 dans-quicksilver Safari2976?: can't find font object for font id 590137.

Re-launching Webkit fixes the problem for a while...

Do you need screen caps or anything, to help chase this down?

We really appreciate your efforts, Tobias. Thank you!!!! and Happy New Year!

- Dan.

Comment by, Jan 6, 2014

Installed WebKit? 5.38.5_4; Software Update crashes (Mac OS 10.5.8, dual G5); uninstall WebKit? all is fine.

Comment by project member, Jan 7, 2014

Well, JavaScriptGlue? doesn't work yet in the 538 series, which is the reason for Installer and Software Update crashing.

Maintaing 10.5 compatibility in the 538 series is MUCH more difficult than it was in all previous series, so there won't be new releases that frequently.

Comment by, Jan 7, 2014

Awesome Project. G5 Dualcore - 10gb RAM

Comment by, Feb 10, 2014

537.74.11_3, archive file is broken?

Comment by project member, Feb 10, 2014

@murabito: there was that warning, but it seemed to work anyway; I uploaded a new file that should open without a warning.

Comment by, Feb 24, 2014

Thanks! Guys thank to you i can understand the power of my Quad G5!

Comment by, Feb 24, 2014

Sorry i forgot one thing there is some one capable in make a dnscrypt for ppc ? there is only a intel version right now and the sources are available :... thanks!

Comment by project member, Feb 24, 2014

@intermediadc: DNSCrypt seems nice to have - but even the oldest sources rely on Xcode 4 only features, so one would have to rewrite the user interface in order to build with Xcode 3.1, which is the latest version for 10.5 .

Comment by, Feb 25, 2014

Ok thanks Tobias :) in any case Webkit run great on G5 i make a video about it PowerPc? 10 y old machine perform great!

Comment by, Feb 28, 2014

latest version working great on 10.5.8 1.5ghz G4 mac mini.

Comment by, Mar 1, 2014

WebKit?-537.75.4-Leopard, archive file is broken?

Comment by project member, Mar 1, 2014

No it's OK - that warning might have something to do with Google Drive...

Comment by project member, Mar 1, 2014

@murabito: after rebuilding and reuploading that warning is gone now.

Comment by, Mar 2, 2014

WebKit?-537.75.4-Leopard + ClickToFlash2?.9.2. YouTube? movie, play a sound only. Movie does not play.

ClickToFlash? OFF, YouTube? site + default HTML5 player : OK

Comment by project member, Mar 4, 2014

@murabito: that's indeed a regression from 537.75.4 - I wonder which of the few changes is the cause.

Comment by project member, Mar 4, 2014

@murabito: it's the new incarnation of issue 57.

Comment by project member, Mar 14, 2014

@murabito: ClickToFlash? and ClickToPlugin? should work again in 537.75.9 .

Comment by, Apr 23, 2014

Regarding the script to update system certs, the Readme for 537.75.15 indicates that no backup of the original certs included with OS X 10.5.8 is performed prior to overwriting. Based on the content of the script, would backing up the originals be as simple as creating a tar archive of /System/Library/Keychains? Obviously you can't make any guarantees, but is there much reason to think that replacing the originals with the certs included with the latest stable version of Leopard WebKit? is likely to lead to problems?

Comment by project member, Apr 26, 2014

@rardin: Given that the certificate format has not changed since Leopard the risk of the newer certificates causing problems is pretty low. But there is a security risk if you don't update - and maybe you'll not be able to see some web site content, when it's loaded vie https from another web site with unknown certification authority.

Comment by, Apr 29, 2014

Thanks, Tobias. I understand the value of updating the certs and agree with you that the risk of doing so should be minimal. I'm still curious, though, about the possibility of backing up the originals in a tarball before replacing them, just in case. Unpacking a tarball feels like a much less drastic approach to backing out of the cert update than re-applying an operating system update. :)

By the way, thanks a bunch for your continued efforts on this and other PPC Mac-related projects!

Comment by project member, Apr 29, 2014

@rardin: A simple tarball of /System/Library/Keychains is all you need for backing up the old certificates.

Comment by, Apr 30, 2014

Hi Tobias just or make you proud of your job i make some bench :) My machine is QuadG5? 8gb with x1900Gt

Webkit PPC 538+ with adv enabled :)

RoboHornet? : RH-A1:0078.85, Raw score 232848.61

Acid 3 100/100


Note: i found webkit little slowly in the Gif animations (less fps) will be one day have a cpu optimized version? ;)

Another think after installing the webkit the installer start gave me problems it crash... i cant install enything any moore , the only way for make installer work is unistall the webkit :-/

Comment by project member, Apr 30, 2014

@intermediadc: benchmarks don't perform well because there's still no JavaScript? JIT compiler for PPC (I expect us to have one in the future). Although you won't notice that so much on a Quad G5.

The problems with the installer is issue 71.

The animated GIF performance will improve as you let it run for some time (up to several minutes in case of huge ones). WebKit? makes a compromise between stability and performance in case of animated GIFs as lots of them can easily fill up the whole RAM of your computer and make it hang and/or crash.

Comment by project member, Apr 30, 2014

@intermediadc: I forgot to mention, but WebKit? is already specially optimized for G5. It's build as universal binaries for 32bit-G5, G4 and the stable version comes as 32bit-Intel as well.

Comment by project member, Apr 30, 2014

@intermediadc: if you'd like to install WebKit? system wide you should consider using the stable version from the 537 series.

Comment by, May 3, 2014

Bench are good mate :) probably my english isnt good for explain your work :P i test all last browsers and webkit is the best in compatiblity and fast rendering .

I will try the stable version and report if i will have the same problem with the installer Thanks for your job Luigi

Comment by, May 23, 2014


Is integrating Google's V8 JIT feasible? It seems V8 PPC port is actively maintained by IBM:

Comment by project member, May 24, 2014

Unfortunately since Google left the WebKit? project, Apple eliminated the possibility to use WebKit? with a JavaScript? library other than JavaScriptCore?. Only possibility to use IBM's work would be something like a Chromium for Leopard - Leopard isn't supported any longer in Google's sources and there never was a release for big endian CPUs, so there are a huge amount of problems to expect. And although it may seem lightweight, Google Chrome (or the open source variant Chromium) needs a lot more resources than Safari on OS X.

Comment by, May 24, 2014

Oh, that is a pity as porting Chromium to Leopard-PPC is surely an enourmous task and as you say - it is not lightweight. I guess Apple removed more than just a few lines of code so that reinroducting another JavaScript? library is not viable.

I noticed a problem using ClickToFlash? extention on youtube. It works well with stock Safari, but using 537 and 538 webkit version, video frame has an offset. See screenshot:

Comment by project member, May 24, 2014

@bager13: here in both 537 and 538 clicktoflash places the video correctly - that's strange. Have you been getting the offset since you started to use Leopard WebKit??

Comment by, May 25, 2014

I repeated the tests with latest Webkit-537-Leopard.dmg: 1. I ran uninstall, start Safari, video plays fine, without any position shift 2. I closed Safari, ran install, start Safari, video position is shifted

Thanks for the excellent work Tobias!

Comment by, May 25, 2014

I uninstalled system wide webkit support. Youtube plays well in safari, but video position is shifted in WebKit?. I am using PowerBook? G4 15", Model PowerBook5?,8.

Comment by, May 27, 2014

Display of the first lap of the big size of the animated GIF is very slow. Do not be improved?

ex. ttp://

Comment by project member, May 28, 2014

@murabito.lv5: that's the expected behaviour.

Comment by, May 29, 2014

Hi Bage , i use every day webkit from Tobias and i have no problems with youtube but im using the "unofficial flash player 11 hacking :P" Everything is faster and smooth and i can watch video at 1080p without problems on my Qaud. On a dual core the max good quality i checked was 720p ... For confirm check this video :)

PS: thanks tobias for Webkit and for Euae Jit ;) ;) Luigi

Comment by project member, Jun 13, 2014

Hi Luigi, I'm quite sure that using ClickToFlash? and to have youtube content played back using QuickTime? will result in much better performance than using flash player.

Comment by, Jun 20, 2014

Hi Tobias , yes using click for flash made performances really better compared flash player Flash Player 1080p video CPUs usage 60% QT 720p video CPUs usage 10%

But there is a problem with some site if i use clickforflash and not flashplayer. like photobucket Plus i need to report a webkit bug if i download from at 99% of dl the browser close by it self


Comment by, Jun 20, 2014

little off topic :P :P Ah Tobias i forget to show you something , i dont know if Almos show it to you


Comment by, Jun 22, 2014

Hi. Thank you very much for your effor on making old mac's alive! I use this webkit on my iMacG4 and it's amazing. But my Macbook running Snow Leopard can't run it. Are you planning on extend this webkit to SLeopard?

Best regards

Comment by project member, Jul 2, 2014

@tiagopglino: Well I don't have an Intel Mac to run Snow Leopard on - and I don't plan buying one, nor would I accept a donation. But if you're willing to set up a build environment (basically install Xcode) I'd guide you through the process of building it on your own. Of course the would be some bugs to fix but I'm sure that won't be too much. There's one potential problem; you'd have to use Safari 5.0 (or any other WebKit? based browser) because Safari 5.1 is based on WebKit2? which doesn't work any more on Snow Leopard - and backporting of the current WebKit2? to Snow Leopard might be even more work than maintaining whole Leopard WebKit?.

Comment by, Jul 5, 2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Running on a Powerbook G4 1.5GHz with an OWC SSD -- browser stability, webpage rendering, speed and scrolling is simply stunning on this old hardware!

Comment by project member, Jul 6, 2014

@jayman: My main machine is a Powerbook G4 1.5 GHz as well (I also have access to an iMac G5 2.1 GHz) - and I'm also pleased with the speed it's running WebKit? based browsers. I think the good performance compared to mozilla based browsers is because Apple has always aimed at integrating best into OS X (and iOS as well) while mozilla used to aim at best portability. In comparison with TenFourFox? Leopard WebKit? is still lacking a JavaScript? JIT compiler which is why more and more sites are running smoother on TenFourFox? - once WebKit? Legacy API is officially deprecated (I expect that to happen with the release of 10.10) I might have time to finally get JavaScript? JIT compiling working in Leopard WebKit? as well.

Comment by, Jul 12, 2014

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have Xcode already installed on my macbook but I don't know how to use; I mean, I don't how to build software. If you could explain me how to do it it would be nice. Perhaps you could send me an email and we would take. Anyway, I'm running Safari 5.1.x... how do I go back? Is it possible with Pacifist?

Best regards

Comment by project member, Jul 14, 2014

@tiagopglino; See BuildInstructions on how to build Leopard WebKit? and how to get the needed tools. However you'll need some knowledge in how to use the Terminal or you'll run into problems - just because you wouldn't understand error messages and other output. I think you can install Safari 5.0 using Pacifist - but I suggest you extract the Safari application bundle only.

Comment by, Aug 17, 2014

If I understand correctly 538.10.3_3 is PowerPC only (not Universal) and that is why it is smaller than 537.77.4; and yet get info still sees its Kind as Universal.

Comment by project member, Aug 17, 2014

@anwar.shiekh: the WebKit? application binary is universal but the WebKit? framework aren't - so it will fail dynamic linking and crash when being launched on an Intel Mac.

Comment by, Aug 17, 2014

I understand; thanks for taking the time to explain it.

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