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The goal of this project is to provide builds of current WebKit sources for Mac OS X 10.5 (PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, Intel).

The necessary patches are available for download as well.

You are free to report bugs to this google code project but please understand that end user support cannot be provided.


Please leave feedback as comments in the wiki: Feedback


  • JavaScriptCore, JavaScriptGlue, WebCore and WebKit frameworks can be built and work well.
  • Some initial work on WebKit2 has been done but backporting it would be a very big amount of work - even restoring and maintaing 10.6 support wouldn't be trivial
  • PowerPC MacroAssembler Nitro is available from TenFourFox and is used since 537.52 for the YarrJIT regular expression runtime, but in order to get the JavaScript JIT (SquirrelFish Extreme) working some glue code like for example the trampoline needs to be written.
  • For known bugs see the Issues tab


  • WebKit builds are ready to test in the same form as the official WebKit nightly builds.
  • The dmg image is based on the last officially available PowerPC nightliy (r89812).
  • The patches are available as one patch against each subdirectory of the WebKit SVN repository.

Related Information

  • ClickToPlugin/ClickToFlash improves performance by replacing flash content with HTML5 content (for example YouTube video clips), and by inhibiting the automatic execution of content that is displayed using plugins
  • Glims for Safari can improve the browsing experience with Safari a lot.
    discontinued for PPC after 1.0.39
  • Privoxy is a well performing ad blocking solution for PPC OS X.
  • Roccat is an actively developed alternative browser
    use the relinking droplet to make it use Leopard WebKit
  • iCab is another actively developed alternative browser
    discontinued for PPC after 5.1.1

Used third party software

Build requirements

Refer to BuildInstructions

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