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Issue 69: Exclude hidden folders from Grep results [Was: enhancement: search for all files in project]
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Status:  Accepted

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Reported by, Jul 16, 2009
moving from eclipse-FP I miss most that i cannot search globally 
- in all open files
- in all files for a project

for improving the code by changing identifiers to make them more meaningful
a replacement function for all files in a project (possibly even more
intelligent ..) is very much needed.

i like leksah and hope you continue to improve it!

Jul 26, 2009
Project Member #1
Please try out the Grep button in the new version (0.6).  It searches all files in the project.  Replace is still 
restricted to the current file.
Jul 31, 2009
nice - does what i expected. thank you!

a suggestion: i use svn and have a hidden .svn directory (with the original version
of files). these are searched as well, meaning i get more hits than what i really
want. could you restrict it to files not in hidden directories? assuming that these
are not containing regular code...

Aug 21, 2009
Project Member #3
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Summary: Exclude hidden folders from Grep results [Was: enhancement: search for all files in project]
Status: Accepted
Owner: Hamish.K.Mackenzie
Aug 27, 2009
Project Member #4
We may give the possibility to add additional grep args in the preferences? So users
can adopt to their needs and the fix is easy.
Aug 29, 2009
additional arguments for grep sounds like a good solution - please provide some help
how this can be used (eg. use cases: how to exclude directories, file types etc). not
everybody is a grep expert (especially me not). 

thank you!

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