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LazyHUD is my own stripped down version of Broeselhud, with the rest of the default elements we're all familiar with from the default TF2 hud. I made it because I'd like a really simplistic hud, with all the info I need in big letters closer to the center of my screen, with minimum distractions.

Helpful in both casual and competitive settings.


SCREENSHOTS (imgur album)

How to Install

Extract resource & scripts folders to: 'Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<user name>/team fortress 2/tf'

Unique Features

  • Dot crosshair turns red upon hitting the enemy.
  • Easier to get used to - all default menus and most of the original hud elements are the same.
  • Healer\Healing target ID box is closer to the crosshair to aid medics and pockets.
  • Surface font for health and ammo has variations in height - helps noticing changes quickly.

How to handle Bugs

1. Enter "hud_reloadscheme" in console.

2. Restart TF2 if 1. doesn't work.

3. Reinstall the HUD if 2. doesn't work.


m0re and Broesel, whome I practically stole the hud design from.

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