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Welcome to LayerD Wiki !

Welcome to LayerD's wiki. Here you will start knowing everything you need about this project.

What's LayerD?

LayerD is a technology that deals with some of the most serious problems in Software Engineering at present, such as portability, re-usage and the capacity to create abstractions as well as multiplatform software performance. LayerD is made up of a framework of technologies that provide a means to construct efficient, reliable, secure multiplatform software with a huge economy of resources in its development. Such technology framework consists of the following;

The Meta-Languages and compilers are high level programming languages, focused on programmers, analysts and engineers productivity since they provide the most appropriate means for software development with a high abstraction level.

ZOE language and its modular compiler are the LayerD technology machinery. ZOE Language is an intermediate technology-centered and ordinary language. In general, it is a high level object-oriented imperative language but it has some unique extension mechanisms beneficial to the highest level Meta-Languages. The LayerD Code Generators are software components that handle each implementation platform details and are a part of the last software production stage under LayerD paradigm.

In despite of the fact that LayerD is a complete software development framework, it does not demand a great amount of time or effort in its learning because it is simply based on Object-Oriented technology which has been taken to its utmost expression in every software development level.

Quick Samples

  1. Hello World Samples


LayerD can be build in Windows and Linux. Currently, it´s easy to build in Windows.

Just download the sources and build the LayerD solution in VS 2010. Package with binaries are coming...

If you want collaborate with LayerD join us in Google Code!

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