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History: - Development has started in 2000 by two enthusiast programmers Rostislav Stříbrný and Lukáš Bärtl who desired developing simple 3D engine (codenamed L1 aka Level1) and in parallel L2 (mainly for RPG games). The goal was simple, divide the work between two of them in some reasonable manner and try to develop RPG game.

- Engine has been initially written in Pascal, rewritten to Allegro in Borland C++. - Václav Škácha has then joined the programmers team and handed over entire L1 development, rewritten it to djgpp and renamed it to Tsunami engine. - Then first HW accelerated graphics card came to our another complete refactoring = Windows 95/98 with introduction of DirectX 5 which quickly turned into DirectX 6 after few months.

- Unfortunately, Vaclav had different vision about the project and closed Tsunami engine's source code from us. We had to act so we split up and started L1 again. :-(

- So L1 engine rose from ashes once again...this time with both DirectX 7 and OpenGL support.

- After few micro-projects in L1, we've decided that major refactoring is necessary due to raising engine's complexity and mainly due to unflexible/wrong internal architecture.

- DirectX8: Better version, more features...but too many of them unfinished or buggy. Old projects based on old engines version were also became uncompilable (were not migrated) so this was yet another hard lesson.

- Few years later, Rostislav has decided (just for fun) to refactor the engine once again = with DirectX9 this time. New features were introduced and some others perished. A lot of code was cleaned and some micro-projects became compilable again.

- And now...I have decided to make it fully public so more of you can enjoy it and hopefully - help us to make it even better!

That's how I remember the story :-) Rostislav Stříbrný

Cons: - Despite the fact that this engine is "quite old", it's development has been frozen several times for several years. This also means that there are a lot things to do and to finish. This is the main reason why authors have desided to make this project public and hopefully....make it usable for others.

Basic info: - Engine supports software, DirectX and OpenGL rendering.

- Works with several image formats (load/save/conversion), static/dynamic meshes and scenes (Quake1,2,3, HalfLife1, ...)

- It has many standard features any 3D engine should has as well as some advanced features like BSP creation, lights compuration, AVI capture from game or packed archives virtual filesystem.

- There are also several mini-projects that presents engine's features (included in repository).

Roadmap (pririty list for next few months, rather years): - Create new architecture vision

- having new technologies in mind (multiplatform, game consoles)
- Create good and stable team of developers - Move forward...

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