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Issue 1495: Missing parentheses in Limit Examples w/ brain malfunction on first prob (part 4)
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Reported by, Oct 5, 2010
In addition to the brain malfunction on the first problem (:-), you're also missing some parentheses around the expression when you multiply by the "blah over blah" term, starting at about 6:05 and finishing at about 6:30. The original part of the expression needs to have enclosing parentheses due to the order of operations between addition and multiplication.
Interesting example, BTW.
Oct 5, 2010
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Status: Accepted
Oct 6, 2010
Actually, simply putting parens around the individual expressions would not work.  For instance:

lim  (some expression) * (some expression)

Is saying multiply the limit by this other term.  The only appropriate way to do this would be to write a dividing line under the original expression and put a 1 in the denominator.

Either way, I'm hoping the calculus students have seen someone multiply by a radical conjugate before and won't get confused.
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