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Issue 132: Physics Video 15 and 16
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Reported by, Jun 21, 2010
What were you trying to do when the problem occurred?
I was solving for time with a Change in Velocity equaling to -5sqaure root of 2.

What happened that you didn't expect?
I kept getting a different answer than you. I get the square root of 2 over 2, not 2 over square root of 2. Does the fraction reverse for some reason? 

Please provide any additional information below.
Thank you for any clarification that you can offer!
Jun 21, 2010
#1 dean.brettle
You're right.  Sal, the mistake first appears in:

at 8:18 and is carried over to:

starting at 2:30.

Status: Accepted
Jun 23, 2010
the 1st comment in the youtube video is over 2 years ago, where he addressed the error.
dont expect him to re do the whole video
Jun 23, 2010
Ok, I apologize. I didn't know he already addressed the error. I've been watching the videos off of the Khan Academy website, not Youtube, so I was not aware of the Youtube comment. I never expected him to redo the whole video. I just wanted to know whether the math I was doing was correct so that I could progress in the series. Thank you.

Jun 30, 2010
#5 dean.brettle
(No comment was entered for this change.)
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