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Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon)

Utility to show live keyboard and mouse status for teaching and screencasts.

--theme=apple, cool new theme.

--smaller parameter:

--larger parameter:

--scale=2.0, and --meta parameter (for 'Windows' key), and mouse turned off through menu.

You can show multiple presses (here up to 2) by using --old-keys. Here I pressed 'Y', 'Y', 'P', which means something in vi.

--nomouse --old-keys 2:


Support for sticky keys


Show only combination keys like Ctrl-A


  • The window and buttons are scalable to any size.
  • Different keyboard themes/styles supported, for example the Mac look.
  • Can start without a window border and semi transparent to take up less space and be less intrusive.
  • Right click provides an application menu.
  • Supports the META (aka Windows) key.
  • Supports the scroll wheel.
  • Supports all three mouse buttons.
  • Should support multiple mouses or keyboards.
  • Move the window by dragging from anywhere inside.
  • Swap the left and right mouse buttons for lefties.
  • Support for touch tablets.
  • Emulate middle click by clicking left and right mouse buttons.
  • When the dialog is smaller a different set of images are used for a better look.
  • Support for foreign keyboards.
  • Ability to make your own keyboard scancode maps, for when the defaults don't work.
  • Visible mouse click. Briefly show's a circle where you clicked.
  • Option to show only key combinations.
  • Support for accessibility feature, sticky keys
  • Release Notes


  • Linux or equivalent.
  • GTK+
  • pyGtk 2.0 (python-gtk2)
  • XLib (python-xlib)
  • X.Org "record" module.
  • librsvg2-common library



From zip. Download the zip file and unzip into a directory.

unzip key-mon*.zip
cd key-mon*
sudo python install

From deb package.

sudo dpkg -i key-mon*.deb

Via pip.

% pip key-mon

or sometimes

% sudo pip key-mon

To run just type:

% key-mon

You can make the dialog --smaller or --larger.


key-mon --smaller

Here's the help:

$ key-mon --help
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s, --smaller         Make the dialog 25% smaller than normal.
  -l, --larger          Make the dialog 25% larger than normal.
  -m, --meta            Show the meta (windows) key.
  --nomouse             Hide the mouse.
  --noshift             Hide the shift key.
  --noctrl              Hide the ctrl key.
  --noalt               Hide the alt key.
  --scale=SCALE         Scale the dialog. ex. 2.0 is 2 times larger, 0.5 is half the size.
  --kbdfile=KBD_FILE    Use this kbd filename instead running xmodmap.
  --swap                Swap the mouse buttons.
  --emulate-middle      When you press the left, and right mouse buttons at the same time, it displays as a middle mouse button click.
  -v, --version         Show version information and exit.
  -t THEME, --theme=THEME
                        The theme to use when drawing status images (ex. "-t apple").

  Developer Options:
    These options are for developers.

    -d, --debug         Output debugging information.
                        Create a "screenshot.png" and exit. Pass a comma separated list of keys to simulate (ex. "KEY_A,KEY_LEFTCTRL").


  • If you found a bug please click this link.
  • If you want to request a feature please click this link.
  • To see the list of outstanding bugs/feature requests click here.
  • Do you use key-mon, why don't you add your name to the list of users?


Daniel also contributed a lot of the pretty themes.

  • Original keyboard artwork by Jakub Steiner (jimmac).

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