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Project Information

Project Overview

kaChing's fantasy stock trading environment has a significant presence on the web, and is seeking to increase its user base by expanding to other platforms. This project intends to transport the fantasy-trading environment to the iPhone platform. The project will have a one-semester implementation time with the final result being a functional program that integrates the touch interface of the iPhone and kaChing’s trading environment. At the end of the allotted time the application should be stable enough for mass-distribution through the iTunes App Store.


This project is being developed by a team of Computer Engineering undergraduates at the University of Arkansas for their senior design class.

Technical Information

The project is broken into three phases, where each phase contains features from the KaChing web interface that would be desirable for the iPhone.

Phase Timeline

Below is a timeline of the project that is updated concurrently with development. The status can be not started (NS), in progress (IP), testing (T), or complete (C).

Phase 1

Login - The profile management feature of the application, so that a user can enter his/her login information (userID and remoteKey) Status: C (3/19/09 - rev# 82)
Holdings - Retrieve and display the current stocks in the user's portfolioStatus: C

Phase 2

Watchlist - Show a user's stock watchlist, and allow the user to add and remove stocks from the listStatus: C
Stock - Allow user to buy, sell, and search for stock. Includes a stock page containing stock infoStatus: C
Performance - Summarizes the user's capital and investmentsStatus: C

Phase 3

Analytics - Graphs and charts to help users visualize their holdings and performance (See kaChing Homepage)Status: NS
Research - Allows users to read, but not write research articles written about stockStatus: NS
Wall - display wall for stock and userStatus: C

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