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Kablame!TM is a rails plugin uses svn blame to determine how many lines of code were updated or added by each user in a project. KABLAME! currently compatible with SVN and Git. (All the cool kids use git.)

  • Someone on your team isn't pulling their weight? KABLAME!
  • Like lists of largely meaningless numbers? KABLAME!
  • Need to look good at a job review? KABLAME!
  • Believe in productivity through social stigma? KABLAME!
  • Need an excuse to install Git? KABLAME!
  • Just want to be a real show-off jerk who wants recognition for all the tests you write and you think nobody respects you at the office and this will show them!?! KABLAAAAME!

You can currently run

rake kablame:git
rake kablame:git:tests
rake kablame:git:specs
rake kablame:svn
rake kablame:svn:tests
rake kablame:svn:specs

kablame:svn and kablame:git take additional parameters

such as:

rake kablame:svn DIRS='app/views/users app/views/profiles' FORMATS='html.erb'

./script/plugin install


KABLAME! is now available as a gem.

gem install kablame

For poorly written documentation visit:

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