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  ID Product  Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  17 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   Hierarchical folder list / folder tree   Usability  
  68 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   no memory of location in drafts  
  161 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Auto save compositions to Drafts  
  162 k9mail Enhancement Started Low ---- ashleywillis76   Need ability to create new folders  
  163 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   Delete folders  
  216 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Wishlist: Lemonade Extension usage  
  219 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Server name should be copied to Outgoing Settings  
  246 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   k9mail-errors folder: add date/time stamp to error messages and possibly subject line of message related to error  
  260 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Email noticications only for flagged mails  
  296 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Ability to load iCAL or ics attachments directly via "Add to calendar" menu option  
  298 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   ENH: Reply email created in Rich Text/HTML editor  
  299 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   ENH: Look up email address from LDAP server or Exchange's Global Address List  
  301 k9mail Wishlist New Low ---- ----   Allow filters to move e-mail to differnt folder  
  303 k9mail Defect New Medium ---- ----   K-9 email should honor unicode characters of google translate.  
  315 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   request: customize type of notification based on the message  
  338 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Selectively delete messages from server  
  358 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   please show mail size  
  362 k9mail Wishlist Started Medium ----   Additional Folder Notification is Necessary  
  363 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Option to change onResume() method needed  
  403 k9mail Task New Medium ---- ----   Can't connect with Exchange  
  405 k9mail Defect New Medium ----   WebDavHandler could lose data when processing a request  
  408 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   RFE: Option to save sent items in folder of message you reply to  
  440 k9mail Wishlist New Low ---- ----   "Newest emails at bottom inbox", doesn't work as expected.  
  445 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Feature request: different outgoing SMTP server for 3G and WIFI  
  451 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Managesieve support  
  455 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   want notification of sent email  
  464 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Feature Suggestion: Check IMAP quota & alert on exceeding threshold  
  472 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Update frequency dependant in type of connection (wlan, radio)  
  493 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Notification needed for SMTP 550 errors  
  506 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   Identities don't include an alternate bcc configuration  
  507 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   With identity support, some core config options are redundant  
  509 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   More keyboard support for scrolling/navigation  
  517 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   sorting only affects the current view  
  531 k9mail Task New Medium ---- ----   No Explanation on Clear All Data  
  555 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Enhancement: Allow multiple outbound smtp servers  
  578 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   K-9 uses too much CPU (and RAM?): phone lags and redraws Home when K-9 is running  
  584 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   Support for custom headers  
  593 k9mail Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   POP email notification when no new email actually received  
  612 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Wishlist: move / copy mail from one account to another  
  631 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Decode RFC822 messages (Content-Type: message/rfc822)  
  641 k9mail Defect Accepted Low ---- ----   HTML attachments incorrectly displayed as message body   MIME  
  647 k9mail Wishlist Accepted Medium ---- hypatiadotca   Add "Mark All Read" to the Accounts Page  
  649 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Convert email to Task  
  665 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   SMTP submission status is a frustrating mystery  
  667 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Add HELP item to menu.  
  690 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   "Folder Class" For Accounts  
  716 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   folder name search  
  726 k9mail Defect New Medium ---- ----   wrong date-order in imap-folders after copying  
  745 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Arabic support (unicode)  
  750 k9mail Wishlist Accepted Medium ---- ----   Incorporate EAS support similar to default client on Android 2.0  
  756 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Ability to create your own themes  
  759 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Message header display is non-standard and hard to read  
  775 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   code cleanup: mDefaultAccount is manually proxied through the entire account setup workflow.  
  778 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Recurring notifications (reminders)  
  780 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Clean up content type lookup (by extension) code  
  789 k9mail Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Non-graceful switchover between wifi and 3G  
  820 k9mail Other New Low ----   messageview transitions don't yet use ViewSwitchers  
  825 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   e-mails started from Contacts application only contains contact's e-mail address but not contact's name  
  853 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   IMAP4rev1 ALERT support  
  861 k9mail Enhancement Started Medium ---- ashleywillis76   Can not copy of move message that is not synchronized with the server  
  863 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Request for Option to Control Notification On/Off by Folder  
  886 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Different notification tone for different senders  
  897 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Multi-line subjects in Message-List  
  902 k9mail Wishlist New Low ---- ----   When reading most recent email, a new email comes in I should be able to press "next email" to see it.  
  903 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Loosing cached Mails  
  910 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Language translation feature  
  932 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Enhancement: show folder classes in folder list/tree  
  939 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Confirm dialog for delete message  
  940 k9mail Wishlist Accepted Low ---- ----   Clean build when strings.xml changes. (Was: Force close when opening a message)  
  964 ---- Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Broadcast intents for incoming email and email deletion should be protected by permissions  
  966 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Editing HTML drafts  
  967 k9mail Defect Started Medium ----   Forward alternate to Messaging not working (with html mails) - characters become html codes  
  987 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   message selection -- no way to select multiples at a time, forgets selections on orientation change  
  1006 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   "Flagged" message stars are too big  
  1010 k9mail Wishlist New Low ---- ----   changes to imap folders not synchronized  
  1018 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Feature request: High importance indicator  
  1021 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Sending errors should be more explicit (was: "weren't able to find the recipient domain)  
  1042 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Needs 'empty trash' in Trash folder Activity  
  1056 ---- Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   Restore alternate flagging indication?  
  1072 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Sort by Received date, not Sent date  
  1073 k9mail Defect New Low ---- ----   Yellow loading bar doesn't reappear after device screen timeout  
  1074 k9mail Wishlist New Medium ---- ----   Add Content provider  
  1085 k9mail Wishlist New Low ---- ----   yahoo and wifi problem  
  1109 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Can't view email embedded files/attachments within body of email  
  1134 k9mail Defect New Medium ---- ----   Messages marked for deletion and unmarked for deletion fails to sync  
  1142 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   feature request: ability to add contact info found in the body to contacts (both new and existing)  
  1167 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Should Allow Alternative Outgoing SMTP Servers for Alternative Identities  
  1170 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   Better error handling for failing pending actions  
  1180 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Disable autostart when automatic polling (and Push) is disabled for all accounts  
  1184 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Move exising attachments from one storage system to another when switching  
  1187 k9mail Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Attachment error with email in sent folder  
  1192 k9mail Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   Password Protection for K-9  
  1197 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   HTC Eris Trackball notification does not work  
  1220 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   New mail notification ignores the folder the new mail appeared in  
  1234 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Forward as attachment  
  1240 k9mail Task New Medium ---- ----   Inbox can't be syncrhonyzed against a non-English OWA server  
  1242 k9mail Defect Accepted Medium ----   K-9 forgets scroll position when you exit, return to the app  
  1243 k9mail Wishlist New Low ---- ----   I don't want K9 to store my password on the device.  
  1249 k9mail Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Message Options on 'right click'  
  1250 k9mail Enhancement New Low ---- ----   TTS support  
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