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Issue 1085: yahoo and wifi problem
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Status:  New
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Reported by, Jan 24, 2010
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1.turn on wifi
2.try to check a yahoo email address

What version of K-9 are you using? Any

Is your email account a POP account or an IMAP account? Pop

Does this problem also occur on the built in 'Email' client? Yes

Please provide any additional information below.
The email client needs to have an option to use cell towers to check certain email accounts 
instead of wifi, and/or have options to check certain email accounts on cell or wifi only

Jan 24, 2010
Project Member #2
K-9 cannot control the network being used.  I'm not sure what the problem is with
Yahoo and POP, but given the information in  Issue 772 , it probably being done
deliberately by Yahoo.

Status: New
Mergedinto: -772
Feb 9, 2010
I've spoken with yahoo about this issue. They say it is a security feature that prevents quick 
switching between ips. They can add a workaround but I have yet to see it work. I'd like an 
option in k9 to use only the data of the phone. Aka turning off the get by wiring. That would 
fix this issue until both k9 and yahoo work out their handshake. I hate Google with a passion 
and have modified my OS to the favor of all yahoo services. The solution has to be both 
services. Yahoo needs to allow quick ip switching and k9 needs to allow data connection 
switching. Any suggestions?
Feb 9, 2010
Project Member #4
Yahoo has added a customer-unfriendly feature.  It is not up to K-9 Mail to choose
which network interface is used.  That is for the Android system to determine.  I'm
leaving this Issue open in case somebody else can find a way to make this work, but
it is unlikely.

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Feb 9, 2010
I think it's a feature by yahoo to prevent non-mobile users from using IMAP.  IMAP is 
an unadvertised feature (even for mail+ accounts) as you will not find any information 
on on accessing IMAP.  It was implemented shortly before the release of the 
iphone, probably to keep those users happy.

I can't imagine it would be that hard for yahoo to open up their IMAP server (and allow 
IDLE), but I do see their argument that drives users to the ads on their website.
Feb 9, 2010
Project Member #6
For problems regarding Yahoo and their intentional prevention of mobile users from
accessing their IMAP servers, please see  Issue 772 .  The original poster in this
thread mentioned that the problematic account is a POP account.  Does Yahoo have a
similar unfriendly approach to POP3 accounts?

May 5, 2010
Yahoo over Wi-Fi solution has been implemented in MailDroid 1.0.3 beta.  Works beautifully.
Now, if only someone could apply the solution in MailDroid to the K9 mail client; would be awesome.
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