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There are different ways to obtain and use JWPL
Updated Feb 18, 2012 by oliver.ferschke

How to get and use JWPL

Depending on your requirements and your system setup, there are several ways to get and use JWPL.

Use JWPL in your Java project

Using JWPL in your own Java project can be achieved in two ways.

If you use Maven as a build tool, the preferred way to integrate JWPL in you project is using the Maven dependencies. You don't have to download anything manually. See the Developer Setup page for further information.

If you cannot or do not want to use Maven, you can use the jar-package provided in the download section. It contains jars for each JWPL component and a folder with all third party libraries. You can add these jars to your Java build path in your favorite IDE.

Run JWPL components from the command line

If you want to run JWPL components directly from the command line (e.g. the DataMachine), you should use the fatjars that come with all third-party libraries directly built-in. These jars can be downloaded from Maven Central. Choose the JWPL component you want to use and download the respective "jar-with-dependencies.jar"

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