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Jumd is a java UMD tool, can be used to parse or make a UMD file. UMD is a widely-used mobile ebook format in China. But there isn't an official document to describe it. So I refer to some resources in Internet, many thanks to them:


Here are features of jumd 0.01, you can find their usage in test package:

  1. Parse an umd file to a java object, com.guiwuu.jumd.Umd, and write the object to a umd file
  2. Convert a text umd file to a text file(utf-16le encoded), also my initial purpose to write jumd
  3. Extract a text umd file to a folder with indepented cover(jpg) and chapter contents(utf-16le encoded) files


  1. Add support for comic umd file - 0.02 (expect 2011-03-13)
  2. Add a command line interface - 0.05 (expect 2011-03-20)
  3. Improve performance of parsing and making umd file - 1.00 (after 2011-04-10)
  4. Add a swing ui, maybe a editor - 2.00 (after 2011-05-01)

All codes are hotsed in google code,, you can free to use them. If you have any question, please feel free to email me( and I will be very appreciate.

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