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JsonFx v2 is maintained over on GitHub

This repository remains as the source of JsonFx v1.

JsonFx is a fast Ajax framework for ASP.NET 2.0 and above:

  • Supports true Ajax via client-side templating with familiar ASP-style syntax
  • Supports JSON within all Ajax features
  • JsonML+Browser-Side Templating (JBST) allows data-binding JSON in the client
  • JSON-RPC 2.0 support with auto-generated JavaScript proxies
  • Build-time optimization of client libraries (compaction/Gzip/Deflate)
  • Build-time syntax checking of JavaScript & CSS
  • Easily emit data into page as JavaScript
  • Supports UserAgent-specific CSS (no more browser hacks)
  • Dynamic behavior binding features
  • Client-side globalization support
  • Ajax history (browser back button) support
  • Helps get a Grade A in YSlow

The JSON parser/serializer in JsonFx is able to be used outside of web apps:

  • Functions similarly to the XmlSerializer in .NET
  • Serializes and deserializes any Dictionary<String, T> and IDictionary with String keys directly as JSON objects
  • Serializes and deserializes any List<T>, ArrayList, LinkedList<T>, Queue<T> and many other IEnumerable types directly as JSON arrays
  • Serializes and deserializes DateTime, Enum, Nullable<T>, Guid and other common .NET Types directly as JSON primitives
  • Serializes and deserializes strongly-typed custom classes (similarly to XML Serialization in .NET)
  • Serializes C# 3.0 Anonymous Types directly as JSON objects
  • Serializes C# 3.0 LINQ Queries as JSON arrays of objects (by enumerating the results)
  • Optional ability to control serialization via attributes/interfaces
  • Optional Type-Hinting improves deserializing to strongly-typed objects
  • Optional PrettyPrint mode helps with debugging / human-readability
  • Optional custom DateTime serialization override
  • Optional native EcmaScript serialization of DateTime, Regex and identifiers
  • Deserializes common non-JSON JavaScript literals such as "Infinity", "NaN", and "undefined"
  • Ignores block and line comments when deserializing

The VSTemplates installer will add Visual Studio Project and Item Templates for the following:

  • JsonFx-enabled ASP.NET MVC Application Project
  • JsonFx-enabled ASP.NET Web Application Project
  • JsonFx-enabled ASP.NET WebSite Project
  • JBST Control Template
  • JSON-RPC Service Template
  • Merge File Template

See for details.

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