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A Basic guide to how to use the serializer
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To serialize and deserialize objects, first you must get an instance of a serializer.

  Serializer serializer = Serializer.GetSerializer(typeof(MyClass));

Then to serialize use the Serialize method, passing in your object to serialize. You can either serialize to a string, or write the serialization to a TextWriter if you're serializing to a file or socket perhaps.

Serialize to String:

   MyClass myClass = new MyClass();
   ... // set myClass properties

   string result = serializer.Serialize(myClass);

Serialize to TextWriter:

   MyClass myClass = new MyClass();
   ... // set myClass properties
   TextWriter writer = new TextWriter(new FileStream("somefile.jsx", FileMode.Create));
   serializer.Serialize(myClass, writer);

Then to Deserialize, just reverse the process calling the Deserialize method.

Deserialize from String:

   string result = ... Populate the string with previously serialized content
   MyClass myClass = (MyClass) serializer.Deserialize(result);

Deserialize from TextReader:

   TextReader reader = new TextReader(new FileStream("somefile.jsx", FileMode.Open));
   MyClass myClass = (Myclass) serializer.Deserialize(reader);
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Simple and fantastic! Thanks

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good stuff

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