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For people working on JSON Template
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Development Dependencies

For running JSON template, the Python and JavaScript versions are self-contained files.

The tests depend on the taste test framework, which is available here:

See for how to set PYTHONPATH.

If you're not using Python 2.6 or later, you will need to obtain simplejson. The tests should work with Python 2.4+.

For people who don't want to install simplejson as a system library, you can use virtualenv.


No dependencies except a Python interpreter (Python 2.4+).


See comment on ImplementationNotes -- it has been tried with Jython 2.5b3.


The sample v8 shell is used to run JavaScript tests without a browser. I think the command to build it is something like scons sample=shell.

There are also generated JavaScript browser tests generated by javascript/


See the README.

Comment by, Jun 21, 2011

Usage of JSON templates with GO?

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