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Examples of escaping strings with special characters
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by

Escaping text that contains special characters

JSONObject.escape() escapes quotes,\, /, \r, \n, \b, \f, \t and other control characters. It can be used to escape JavaScript codes.

  String s = "\"foo\" is not \"bar\". specials: \b\r\n\f\t\\/";

  s = JSONObject.escape(s);


  \"foo\" is not \"bar\". specials: \b\r\n\f\t\\\/
Comment by, Jul 27, 2009

isnt there an extra \ in the Result ? \t\\\/ instead of \t\\/

Comment by project member, Aug 7, 2009

"/" is also escaped.

Comment by, Oct 20, 2009

I believe single/double quote marks (', ") are not not escaped, right? Also, when we call JSONObject.toString(), this escape() method is called internally, right?

Comment by project member, Oct 21, 2009

Single quote is NOT escaped (we don't have to) but double quote IS escaped. Yes it's true that escape() is called internally in JSONObject.toString().

Comment by mcherm, Nov 9, 2009

WHY is "/" escaped? I don't see any reason for it in the JSON specs.

Comment by project member, Nov 13, 2009

"/" is escaped to avoid some issues in html, such as "</" ... Actually we can make it escape "/" only when it's after "<", say "</" to "<\/", but we currently choose to escape all of them to make the code simpler and the performance higher... From some inputs of current JSON.simple users, we may need to improve it to make the some string such as URL look more nicely... Although it's not a violation of JSON spec, we may need to address some usability requirements.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Comment by, May 11, 2011

What happened if we want to pass the special characterss like %,&, space..... Will that also be like \% and \& ?

Comment by, May 26, 2011

↓ what should be escaped ↓

end nothing else!

Comment by, Jul 9, 2012, isn't '/' escaped because that's what encloses regexp in javascript?

Comment by, Sep 4, 2012

What if the input string contains a colon? Shouldnt that be escaped as well?

Comment by, Jan 5, 2014

what about escaping [{:? for example I need some string field to contain such symbols. shouldn't it be escaped in such case?

Comment by, Feb 28, 2014

I changed some code from org.json to json-simple and had problems because org.json doesn't escape forward slash. AFAIK, forward slash should not be escaped according to JSON spec. I see the comment above that says otherwise - maybe it is optional. Would be good if it were optional in the code, e.g. in JSONParser.parse.

Comment by, Aug 21, 2014

How scape html ??

<div style=\"border:1px solid black;width:210px;font-size:12px;\" id=\"printhis\"><div style=\"text-align:center;padding:8px 0px;\"><img src=\"logo.jpg\" width=120\/><\/div><span style=\"display:block;\">Clients: .... ETC =???

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